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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wedding Plans?!?!?

So just a question... AmI the only crazy girl out there who would rather play WoW then plan her wedding??? My soon to be mother-in-law is sitting in the room on the other computer showing me all of these god awful gaudy wedding dresses saying "This would look great with your tan complexion" or "How bout this, the embroidery is so pretty!" Barf! Let me pick my own damn dress in my own damn time! I want to go level my Shaman! LoL... "You could spend your whole lifetime looking at dresses!" Let's not PLEASE! If she's in here much longer I may not have a mother-in-law to bug me the rest of my life! Lord... No more!

2 wishes granted:

KATIE said...

Aww dear lets just say it has to get better. There are always differences in tastes but the bottom line is IT IS YOUR WEDDING. YOu will get to pick the dress you like and plan all the great details. You just have to put up with a little in put from EVERYONE around you because we all have our opinions. I know because I just got to play wedding planner for 2 of my friends all night. You should come hang out with us. Were all into it, we all have magazines and plans for wedding dress trips. You would be so more than welcome.
<3 you dear. If you ever need someone to vent to, you know where I am.

Brad said...

So who's this wedding for?? I say that because why don't you shut off everyone around you and just go to your room and plan what you want, bare foot on the beach with the sun setting and you and your best friends with a small and elegant dress and then go off in a small rented sail boat for 10 people.........and think of either how much money you will save or god forbind owe! Good luck and be brave!

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