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Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Soulmate...

So I haven't really said anything about the man I'm about to marry... Toby and I met in the summer of 2000 at a camp called Quaker Meadow... After thet we kept in touch via IMs and long distance phone calls (ask his mother, she'll tellyou about the bills LoL)... I got to see him about once a year over 4th of July weekend when I would beg my dad to bring me up here "to see family and friends"... I would make sure that a visit to his church was included in my trip... I also knew a lot of the other kids from his church... Grace and I always had this kooky sort of friendship :)... Toby and I really started talking again last May (2005) as we were both coming out of rough relationships... In helping each other through them we realized again how much we had in common and that little spark ignited in us again (wow that's sappy)... He came down to visit me in June... The week was amazing... I got to show him all of the places I had told him about, introduce him to my friends, and take him to the beach... Our first kiss was in the Pacific ocean (caught on camera papperazzi style by Dani :P)... Very romantic... When he left I missed him like crazy... Saw him again over 4th of July weekend and really wanted to stay in Sacramento... Went back home and some bad stuff happened... I knew I should get away from it all and the only place I felt at home was Sacramento... God worked it all out and everything seemed to all just fall into place... Grace's parents offered me a place to stay (unbeknown to Grace... but she didn't mind, she's used to her parents doing kooky stuff like this)... and I got a job right away because my cousin's girlfriend (now fiance) Anna was quitting, at Debbie Meyer Swim School teaching private swimming lessons... Which is where I am working again this summer after a short bout at Starbucks between... Anyway... I digress - Toby and I are the yin to each others yang... I've never met a man who loved me for all the spazziness that is me... Until now... (Now don't go expecting any more lovey dovey sappy posts from me, cuz that's just not my style :P)...

Friends in new places...

So I've been avoiding my apartment like the plague... Number one because I don't like to be alone, number two my roommate drives me nuts, and number three because I don't know anyone that lives around there so I'm never in the area... but Katie just told me that one of her best friends lives in the same complex! With that and with Simon (Toby's brother) coming home, something tells me I'm going to be spending a lot more time closer to home... Katie's awesome - one of the few people I've actually related to since moving up here... She and her friend are planing said friends wedding and I might actually be excited now about planning mine! I mean, it's not that I haven't been excited, cuz I have, I just get excite in small bursts. My parents came up the week before Easter and we set the date for August 2007... It's sooooo far away - I just want to be married and spend my life with the man I love, but Mom wants everyone to be able to come and since we're "way up here in Sacramento" (I'm from LA) I have to leave at least a year for travel plans to be made. Since Toby went out last night I had some time to get back in touch with some people... Myspace is good for that but it can be really depressing! It makes me see all of my friends at home and how their lives are just fine without me... I miss them a lot... For the longest time I was having a pity party about not making friends up here... But now I see that I have... Thanks Katie and Grace... And I think I might see Ashley this week or next FINALLY! She's lived here almost as long as I have but has been keeping to herself.... It should be fun, I always like to catch up with the Chinch... I miss my Dano gurl... I wish she could move up here and go to Sac State with me... It's much more affordable than APU... But ::Singing:: "You can't always get what you want"... Once I get over this bronchitis I should be much more into everything... But right now it's all just kinda Blah...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wedding Plans?!?!?

So just a question... AmI the only crazy girl out there who would rather play WoW then plan her wedding??? My soon to be mother-in-law is sitting in the room on the other computer showing me all of these god awful gaudy wedding dresses saying "This would look great with your tan complexion" or "How bout this, the embroidery is so pretty!" Barf! Let me pick my own damn dress in my own damn time! I want to go level my Shaman! LoL... "You could spend your whole lifetime looking at dresses!" Let's not PLEASE! If she's in here much longer I may not have a mother-in-law to bug me the rest of my life! Lord... No more!

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