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Monday, April 7, 2008

Relay for Life 2008

On April 5th, 1,800 participants raised over $72,000 in the fight to find a cure and raise awareness for cancer. Our team of 9, The Rockstars, raised over $1,000 prior to the Relay and helped raise about another $1,000 during the day of the Relay with the events our captain and ACS committee member, Pinkie, was in charge of. We walked the track at UC Davis all day only taking a break for the Luminaria ceremony, which honored those who have survived their battle and memorialized those who did not. Thank you for your donations, prayers, and participation. Next year, we will set our bar higher and raise even more to find a cure!
~Lena Loo

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TV, A Buddy, and April Fools: A Ramble, Because I Really Really Need To...

There is nothing quite so soothing as watching TV... I love the mindless act... Mr. Loo hates it... I even love the simple cleansing act of purging my DV-R... TV is a whole new phenomena since the creation of TiVo and DV-R... I love it... I can sift through all the shows I like and leave the rest of the junk or shuffle through it, I can even fast forward through commercials! Whoever said that everything that could be invented had already been is stupid... It is theraputic in it's calming way... Mr. Loo and I have a new buddy in our lives, I shall call him Teh Bear (Teh because he's a game nerd like me and Mr. Loo and Bear because that part of what his mama calls him endearingly)... Teh Bear is the first guy friend I have let myself have (without him being attached to one of my girlfriends, and therefore a friend by default) he's like my brother now... He has also become one of Mr. Loo's best friends too... The three of us have become so close that it has gotten awkward (not like you'd think, but everyone else thinks it is like that too)... That boy sends more mixed signals as a friend than any other boy I have been friends with (even more than my friend that I liked and thought liked me but shot me down and didn't tell me that it was because he was gay until like 4 years later lol)... I just had an extra ADD American Idol moment... I <3 Carly Smithson and David Archuleta... Jason Castro is not very bright but he is beautiful... moving on... Teh Bear makes me laugh and smile but he also makes me crazy! Tonight we were playing Settler's of Catan with a bunch of friends and since Mr. Loo (who is typically the object of his gaming rage) was not there playing, Teh Bear singled me out as the only target to destroy... It would be hilarious if he was not so damn evil about it! He was picking on me mercilessly in the game and in everything else he said to me or about me... I was really angry (ANGRY PANDA!!!) but I called him to tell him that he almost made me cry and to find out if he was really mad at me (since he denied my "No Hard Feelings" side hug when we left the house) and he acted like nothing was wrong (frustating!!!) men are more drama then women, I swear... Mr. Loo was sad that I didn't stay mad at Teh Bear for longer because it takes the heat off of him, lol, but it is easier to stay mad at someone you love a lot because they will always forgive you... Okay another Idol ADD... David Archuleta (my lil sweetie, I know I've become one of those pervy older women coveting a sweet youngin like him lol not really, but that's what I sounded like there) sang a Rebecca St. James song (You're the Voice)! That is so gutsy and awesome! Wow that really was a long ADD break (like a half hour)... Amanda Overmyer has Bride of Frankenstein hair... I played a really mean joke on my Mom for April Fools Day... I told her I was pregnant... She flipped out... It almost topped the April Fools when I was 19 and my boyfriend at the time conspired with me to fool my parents into thinking he was going to propose to me... I thought the taco meat she was chopping was going to be pulverized... I justified this years joke because I felt like God had played an April Fools joke on me... I really did think I was pregnant... I psyched myself into it because I was late and because my mother in-law had spent the whole weekend (I was with her on a woman's retreat with our church) praying for a granddaughter... Teh Bear called it, too, which was freaky... He told me that I was thinking about it too much and I was most likely not pregnant... Ten minutes later I started... lol... Mr. Loo and I decided last night that we were fine with a little one and that we may even try for one in the near future if we don't have one now... I really felt all day like I had no one to talk to... When I called one friend, she said she was almost outta minutes so she couldn't talk... then Teh Bear said I call him too much and use up his minutes... on the way to game night I called my mom who was half asleep and my brother sat next to her and did the Charlie Brown teacher voice and made my mom laugh so hard that she forgot I was on the phone with her, I got mad and hung up... then when I went to play Settler's I felt like Teh Bear was getting annoyed cuz I talk too much (he can't stand Pinkie because she talks too much and always wants to be in the center of the conversation/attention so I guess I could understand his frustration because she talked through all of the movie we watched the night before)... Then I came home and Mr. Loo (who hadn't gone to game night because he was tired and has to work earlyish tomorrow) was still awake (grrr....) and when I tried to talk to him he decided that it was now time to sleep... frustration... I really needed to ramble and rant here... I know no one reads this so I can be as angsty as I want neener neener....

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