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Friday, May 30, 2008

The ADD Monster Will NOT Eat Me Alive...

So today Teh Bear (who btw is one of the most caring, yet brutally honest people I know) decided to point out that I am way too ADD to handle managing a house let alone having a house and a baby (not pregnant yet, but Mr.Loo and I have been trying, we have also begun the process of looking for and buying a house)... So I think I need an action plan here... I want to be a good wife, and I want to be a mom, so if those things are going to happen, I am going to have to get the ADD under control... I have been reading about stuff that has to do with managing ADD and I see so much that describes me, so many things I do that I thought were weird, but they are actually typical of ADDers... So now I am typical... Typically ADD... I embraced my ADD because it made me feel unique... Now I am just typical... Here are some of the random things that are not so random anymore...

"Many people with ADD make a habit of masking their poor planning skills behind the unexpected. In fact, for some, the unexpected comes as a great relief. It's not my fault I'm late now because there's a traffic accident up ahead. (Even though I would have been late anyway.)"

... "someone who avoids the task of decluttering or who appears to avoid it. They share characteristics with any of the previous categories. Procrastinators are not always lazy. They may never have learned from a role model how to be organized in the first place and have no idea where to begin And they might certainly be someone with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or a Learning Disability (LD). Figuring out where to begin, let alone understanding the steps needed to get a job done and complete it without getting distracted, or bored, can be truly challenging. Add to this their fear of "out of sight - out of mind" and there is a real potential for getting stuck with too much stuff."

..." Women are more likely to internalize - to blame themselves and to become depressed about their perceived shortcomings. Inattentive or impulsive girls often feel that "something" is wrong with them. Feelings of shame and guilt can layer themselves in to a young woman's personality as she grows up. When a woman is first diagnosed with AD/HD, she may feel relief and a temporary euphoria. She now has a name for her guilty secret. But a diagnosis does not change an ingrained personality style. After the diagnosis comes the real work. She must gain an in-depth understanding of how the AD/HD affects her own unique strengths and weaknesses."

I just want to do better... I have had my diagnosis sent up to my physician from the psychologist who diagnosed me... I contacted a local organization coach to try and get the house under control... I think I am also going to go back to a paper planner rather than my electronic planner I had on my Blackberry... I am working on it... We'll see how it goes...

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