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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cohen Turned One!

Before I totally go into Christmas mode, here are some pics from my son's first birthday! We were basically celebrating all month!

Cohen's First Photo Shoot

Cohen's LA Birthday Party

Cohen's Sacramento Birthday Party

Cohen Enjoying His Birthday Gifts


Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry SITSmas!

Gosh Decking out my blog is as hard as decking the halls in my home! I decorated just for all of you! Have a listen to my fave Christmas Tunes and check out some silly Christmas posts from the last couple of years while I get to work decorating my home! Merry SITSmas!

Edit: This is what I got done this evening!

For the life of me I can't figure out why I strung my garland the way I did two years ago! I have to find a special extension cord or something to be able to plug it in. It's probably because I put it on top of the TV console, but I think I did that last year too, I have no idea, but now I am too tired to care! Tomorrow I think I will string some Icicle lights outside when it doesn't feel like there should be real icicles hanging off the rafters! Come on this is California for goodness sake!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coming Soon!

I am moving my blog and redesigning it. I am also Grand opening my Etsy (slated for cyber Monday but we shall see). Please bear with me through these changes. I will be hosting a giveaway soon as well! Thanks for keeping on with me!

*Edit: My blog will temporarily be reverting back to http://innergreenfairy.blogspot.com
please follow accordingly.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Kawaii Dumplings and Sushi Felt Food

I made these super cute sushi and shumai dumplings for

I think these are going on my soon to open Etsy! I am also going to make some gyoza and fortune cookies and maybe some wontons to complete the set!

Bloggy Love.

I have not given out an award in a really long time, and I am quite past due I think. I have found some fabulous blogs this year that I pretty much can't live without!

For amazing DIY tutorials:
Skip to My Lou
Mrs. Priss
Knock-off Wood

For making me laugh till I pee my pants:
Nanny Goats in Panties

For fighting modern day slavery with style:
Dreaming of an Orange Christmas


Giveaway Central!

Win a Laptop!

I don't typically blog about giveaways, but this one is just too good to pass up. My sister-in-law really needs a laptop for all of her work she is doing with the Youth group at PRFC. I would love to win her one for Christmas!

I entered Crissy’s Can’t Wait til Christmas Lenovo Laptop Giveaway and hope to win a $799.00 IdeaPad!

You can also enter to win one at MommyPR by making a video on the Lenovo "What's You're Idea of Fun" Website! Here's Mine!

Fun Video 260643911 | What is your idea of fun USA


Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Heart Shopping (On and For Etsy)

I went a little shop happy at Michael's clearance yesterday! I spent about $150 but got ALL THIS! (Okay I had some of that ribbon already, and a few of the flowers too).

I reorganized my craft closet a bit to fit in a good amount of my overflow. I got rid of about a box full of SU catalogs and forms (since I don't think I will be restarting that business). You can see pics of the before stash here. It looks much prettier now :).

I am fully determined to get my Etsy shop up and running before Christmas this year! (I know I have said that many times, but this time I have a plan!) Any good shop name ideas incorporating my nickname?

I plan on carrying some pretty jewelry, hand stamped notecards and greeting cards, custom capes and tutu's (like this one - too bad she couldn't stop twirling long enough for me to get a good shot), custom diapercakes, notecards, hairclips, burpcloths and bibs, and maybe some felt toys once I come up with some patterns of my own.

I also plan on selling some crafting supplies I make with my Sizzex Bigshot and my Xyron.

Ooo and I just got a great idea from Penelope's Oasis for something I might be able to make. I really want to use what I have to make a little spending cash.

I bought a couple of shoe clips on the creative seed's Etsy to make these gorgeous pieces tuted by Mrs.Priss (I love the posey ones at the end of the post!)

How have you other Etsy mom-prenuars fared lately? Do you find that having a varied inventory is good or is it better to stick with one type of inventory? I have so much stuff and I feel like I need to use it all!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Is It Voting Time Again???

This is a rant... Just a forewarning... I kinda hijacked my friend Kari's status update on FB...

Kari: voting time!

Me: Ugh do I have too? I am going to but I am sooo not excited about it...

Kari: Be excited about it girl! Our feminist forebears fought for the right for our vote to count:
Also, vote for Jerry Brown and piss your husband off. :)

#1 I know... that is why I vote even though I hate it
#2 why would that piss Toby off? He thinks Whitman is creepy
#3 can't we just have a Utopian society where every one is equal and perfect? Oh wait I am asking for heaven aren't I? Not sure I am ready for that yet lol...

Kari: oh I'm just going off something Toby said to me recently about being annoyed by liberals and that is awesome that you're voting even though you don't like it! Why don't you like it?

Me: I hate all the mud slinging... it makes me anti politics... to me, the only good thing about election day is the end to all the negativity... lets face it, all politicians are people, they all make mistakes, do I have to hear about all of them for three months straight?

Me: Also... because they are all people, they are all going to disappoint me in some way or another so why should I care who makes it in? Ugh I sound so much like my dad... I know my vote does count and that is why I use it but in the end I feel like it doesn't because I do not really care for any of the nominees. I always feel like i am choosing the lesser of two evils. Can't I just write in Jesus for every office?

Me: Toby is really only annoyed by the liberals in his family because they are always trying to tell us to vote the way they do... he doesn't like anyone telling him how to live his life...

Me: OMG just asked him if he is voting and if he has even looked at his sample ballot and he said "yeah my Nana gave me one" it was already filled out for him!!! he will not be voting that way!


Our fun filled Halloween Weekend

This weekend has been a total whirlwind!

Saturday morning I made a dirt cake for the party we planned to go to on Sunday night after trick-or-treating. I showed Cohen the joy of making dessert at home is getting to lick the beaters at the end.

Saturday night was The Nana's 80th Surprise Birthday Bash hosted by my fabulous mother-in-law. Family came from as far away as Scotland (Toby's brother lives there with his fiance) to celebrate all of her accomplishments.

Cohen met his Uncle Simon and Auntie Monica for the first time when we "picked them up" from the train station (they actually got in early and had no cell phone so we went to the mall and were going to look for them in an hour when the next train came in and we actually ran into them there). We kept them busy all afternoon at the mall trying to hide them from Nana.

The party was a hit! Nana was totally surprised to see everyone there and even cried a little when she saw Simon! It was a great time.

We also got to meet baby GT, Cohen's newest cousin and see lots of family we have not seen in a while.

On Sunday morning we got up (too early) and went out to the same restaurant we had the party at the night before (if you live in the Sacramento area, check out The Terrace at Marconi and Fulton in the Arden Arcade area. The food is to-die-for) with all the family. It was nice to see them again before they went back to the bay area.

We took a long nap and then went over to my mother-in-law's to show off our costumes.

Then it was time for church in the park.

This is our band of Superheroes: The Oaks of Righteousness (OR!): Sarcasmo, Hyperbole Man, Mr. Cohen (Disguised as Super Panda), Pastor Girl, and Hapa Girl.

After church we drove to East Sac to trick or treat near Sacramento Friends church and we collected canned food for River City Food Bank that burned down about a week ago. Cohen passed out on the short drive from the park to the church and we put him in the wagon before trick or treating.

After about an hour and a half (to get down one block and back up again) we went to Pete and karen's house for a little party. Bella and Cohen dug into the candy (he was just playing with it lol). In my family we alway had some kind of get together after trick or treating (usually to celebrate all the October birthdays, my dad's is the day before Halloween). It is fun to start that tradition with my family and friends too :).


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