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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Curses, Boiled Again!

Okay, I know it is supposed to be "foiled" but I got boils from hot oil (I'm a poet didja know it?) today while I was frying chicken nuggets and tots
(Darn those nuggets! They got me again!) I don't know why I don't leave those darn things alone! They don't even taste that good! I got the bright idea to fry them when I already had hot oil from making these
from BoufMom9's recipe, it was a bad idea... I searched for my splatter screen, but couldn't find it... I gave up and tried to just dunk them in a metal steaming basket (from my rice cooker) which was bad idea #2... I think I just need to leave the nuggets to McD and the tots to NapoleanD and all will be okay...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part

I hate the feeling of being in limbo... When I'm at my parents I am "home" but then I have to leave and go to "my home" which doesn't always feel like one, especially when I'm homesick... Weird to be homesick when you are sitting in your living room, huh? Right now I am in that limbo... I am about to say goodbye to my family and even though I know I very well may be back within the month to go to Disneyland for my birthday, it is still hard... My brother likes to do this pushing away thing that always makes it harder... He means well but it always makes me feel worse... Toby and I are upset with each other because he wants to go home and I really don't... I just got to know Amy and her kids and I am not ready to say goodbye yet... I don't feel like I got to see everyone I wanted to see (but I never do, there is just not enough time in each trip)... I try to avoid the "G" word altogether by just saying "See you soon" but it doesn't work all the time... I am dreading a 6 hour drive with someone who is frustrated with me... Sometimes I suspect that Toby avoids coming down here because he hates to see me like this, he knows I would love to live close to my family, but we really can't afford it (a friend of mine just bought a house smaller than the one we almost bought this summer and it was just as much of a fixer, it cost almost 3 times as much)... I know I can't get them to move to me, and I can't imagine how hard it would be if we lived further away... THis is making me antsy, I should probably go try to enjoy the last hour I have with my family instead of holing myself up in my brothers room blogging about how bummed I am... If my fam is reading this, I love you guys and, clearly, I miss you already (and leave a stinkin' comment cuz I want to know when you read this)!


Monday, December 29, 2008

#86 & #92 Prayer Goals

#86: Pray everyday & #92: Pray with Toby about FamilyLife daily, are being tracked on my prayer blog and are being linked directly.


#4, #14, #15, & #54 FLYlady Stuff

#4: Follow FLYlady missions, #14: Update agenda every night before bed, #15: Follow agenda every day and update on blog, & #54: Twitter at least 1 time a day with FLYlady updates, are all being updated on my FLYgirl in Training blog and my Twitter site (they are linked directly)


#13, #71, #84, #85 SparkPeople

I am tracking #13: Get 8 hours of sleep a night (get to bed by 1 am at the latest), #71: Track exercise and weight loss in SparkPeople, #84: Keep a food diary using Spark People, & #85: Drink 8 glasses of water a day, on my SparkPage


#96 Read one novel per month that I have never read before

December - Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets by Jon and Kate Gosslin (Borrowed from Mom)


#36 Get My Camera Fixed & #37 Take at Least Five Pictures a Week

Dad fixed my camera (all it needed was for the battery function to be changed!) iT pays to bring something that doesn't work home when I visit! Also I have taken way more than 5 this week, I will post my 5 favorites every week...


#69 Workout at least 2 times a week for at least 1 hour

Fri 12/12 10-11am
Train with Cy warm up on bike
4 weight machines 2 arms 2 legs 12 reps each
12 mins on bike

Mon 12/15 3:40-4:40pm
warm up on bike 7 mins hr-123
Random hill on bike 21 mins hr- 141 cals burned 60
Overhead press 20 reps @ 10lbs
Seated leg press 25 reps @ 30lbs?
Seated leg curl 25 reps@ 30lbs
Leg extension 25 reps @ 30lbs
Cool down 10 mins on bike

12/26 10:38 pm Wii Fit
34 mins
Aerobics and Balance

12/27 11:28am Wii Fit
22 mins

12/28 8:15pm Wii Fit
6 mins
Yoga and Balance

12/29 3:40pm Wii Fit
31 mins
Yoga, strength, aerobics, & balance


Update on Amy

Still praying for child care for Amy for when she goes back to school, also tomorrow she looks at a house near the one she live in now to move into, hopefully she will get it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Domain Name, I'm fancy?

The net at my parent's house is too slow to upload all my pics, but I will post them when I get home... I bought a domain name tonight, it is www.lenaloo.com :) I am working on transitioning it but I am not quite understanding it... I will work on it, in the meantime, check out my 101 blog here...

#63 Phenomenal Blog Site

Well, it may not be phenomenal yet, but it is on it's way... They all connect, and I am happy with how they look, for now :) Check out my main blog here...

#57 Skype & #6 Clearence Shopping

Got Skype set up on my lappy the other day, it was pretty easy since I have a web cam and mic built in... I have yet to get Monica's number to call them, but I will when I get back to Sac... Also, yesterday I hit the Mervyn's 80% off clearence and bought 2 shirts for summer and 2 long sleeve shirts as well as a pair of jeans that were much needed (my favorite jeans have a huge hole worn in the thigh), and I got 2 - 3/4 sleeve shirts from Old Navy ($5 each)... I am thinking about buying my swim suit on Target online ($3) and saving it for summer... I scored all my Christmas ornaments for next year at Target for 50% off (and I used gift cards - thanks Kelly and Simon!) Next year I am doing a really bright whimsical tree I even got a new wreath and topper for my tree :)

#61 Get to Know my Brother's Significant Other

Today I spent the whole day hanging out with Amy, my little brother Drew's girlfriend... She is a sweetheart, and such a strong woman! We went out to lunch and chatted for a good hour... And her little girl Bailey is my new BFF (she's 1 and I heart her)! I am so glad I got to spend some girl time with her, it was so much fun! I invited her and her kiddos to Sacramento to hang out with us for New Years since Drew will be at camp (he was planning to come up and hang out with me and Toby before going back home anyway, so now he can come get them)... If it works out I am really excited to get to hang out with them some more...


Lazy Dayz in LA...

I tried to leave my lappy at home, but I. Just. Couldn't. Right now I am watching Toby play Mario Party with Amy (my brother's girlfriend) while her baby Bailey naps (oh, she just woke up and she is all smiles)... We have been having a blast with them (and her little boy Conner who is at his Nana's house at the moment)... They came to my Aunt and Uncle's house on Christmas and Conner hung out with Michaela (my little cousin, who is use to being the only baby around) and they got on famously! Yesterday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Bailey's First Birthday! It was fun, I haven't been there in ages... Today we are having a lazy day (we are all in our PJ's still) eating cloud pancakes and playing Wii (WiiFit is so much fun)... We are having a blast! Hope your Christmas week is just as fun! Oh yeah, my dad fixed my camera (it is a point and shoot but WAY better than my phone for sure) so the pics are a bit better... Me and my pops are going to go pawn shopping for a nicer one (that has changeable lenses) that will make me happy, and I have a Visa gift card to buy it with, even better! (I will edit in photo's in a bit)...


Blogged from my iPod on the Way to LA, Christmas Morning

There used to be this show on Nickelodeon (or maybe it was Disney channel, I can't remember... If anyone knows what this show was called let me know, it is driving my crazy) about this girl who kept an online journal while on the road with her parents... This was back in the day before online journals were called blogs and before parents bought kids their own personal laptops because they were outrageously expensive... 8 year olds also did not have iPod's and cell phones of their own when this show ran (not that I am against parents who get their kids these things, I will probably be one of those parents because I have all of those things myself, I was simply noting that this show was aired when these things were a bit of an anomaly for a kid her age to own)... Anyway, she would post entries on the road, and as I sent a Tweet from my phone this morning to let my dear readers (ie: anyone bored or addicted enough to be reading blogs on Christmas morning) know that we were not stuck in a snowstorm as was falsely predicted earlier this week, I was reminded of a simpler time when none of this was even thought of by the general masses... Christmas morning was spent in our PJs and the furthest we would drive was 4 minutes to grandmas so we could eat breakfast (still in our PJs)... If I even thought about the future I can tell you I did not ever imagine driving 400 miles on Christmas day because my husband had to work the day before... It could be worse though, he could have vetoed this crazy plan when he started to get a cold... Last year we flew (it wasn't bad surprisingly, because we avoided the big airport and flew into Long Beach on Christmas morning), but this year I didn't know if I would get the time off till last Friday, so there was not enough time to book a cheap flight... I love my in-laws, but the thought of not being with my big crazy family on Christmas day is enough to send me into wild depression (the kind where I crawl into bed, refusing to come out till Christmas is over)... Fear of that very behavior ensures that my sweet (though often ornery on the drive) husband always finds a way to get me home for Christmas... It's not that I'm a spoiled brat (okay well if I am at least I am reminded of it all the time by my brothers and mama) it's just that he doesn't like to see me sad (and I really do get sad, I don't just throw a tantrum, I promise)... I guess he makes the sacrifice because I made one by staying in Sac when most of my family is in LA still... Though this year we really had not planned on this trip because I didn't think I was going to get the time off... My husband gave me the best Christmas gift possible, time with my family... I won't take it for granted... I guess this ramble was to get me to this point... Remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, it is not about decorations, or presents, or even spending time with the people we love... It's about a sacrifice that God made for us by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to live a perfect life and then pay the ultimate price for our sins... Because he loves us. That. Much. Have a blessed Christmas and keep the reason for this season in your heart as you spend time with your family and friends...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Wish You a...

Glitter Graphics
I am going to go ahead an say it now because tonight we are celebrating with Toby's family and tomorrow we are driving to LA to be with my family... Have a wonderful Holiday!

#98 Learn Enough HTML to Make My Blog Fantastic

I started working towards this goal before I officially started my 101 days... What do you guys think? How does it look? I created the Header and Buttons using only Paint and the Photo Editor in PhotoBucket since I don't have PhotoShop yet. When I get it I will work on a new background (though I like this one a lot) and a new header and buttons... This is what I have for now though...

#1 Get a Deep Freezer

...can be checked off the list!
This was an early Christmas present from Toby's Nana to us!
Thanks Nana!

101 in 1001

  1. Get a deep freezer
  2. Clean off back porch 1 box at a time
  3. Install cat door, screen in porch, relocate cat box to porch
  4. Follow FLYlady missions
  5. Finish FLYlady Control Journal and follow it
  6. Buy at least 3 clothing items in seasonal clearance sale and save for next season
  7. Put extra shelves in spare room for pantry storage
  8. Get Toby a compact writing desk (one that folds up?)
  9. Buy clearance Christmas decorations for next year
  10. Do a 27 fling boogie once a week
  11. Stick to my budget on every shopping trip
  12. Move any money to be saved into savings account so it doesn't get spent
  13. Get to bed by 1 am at the latest
  14. Update agenda every night before bed
  15. Follow agenda every day and update on blog
  16. Get pregnant or look into adoption
  17. Move into a house
  18. Mistreat my windows
  19. Nest wherever I am
  20. Find a new job that works with my personality and schedule (flexible)
  21. Work on using my timer and sticking to it
  22. Find other ways to earn money than a conventional job
  23. Work on being content
  24. Keep inventory of food in freezer and on shelves
  25. Continue doing GG and clip and file Q's every Sunday
  26. Only buy what we are going to use
  27. Keep track of what we do use so next cycle can be adjusted accordingly
  28. Never buy full price if you can help it!
  29. Photobucket
  30. Try 1 new recipe a month
  31. Get artisan breads in 5 mins a day book
  32. Try all of the different recipes in it
  33. Bake and decorate one batch of cupcakes every month in a different way each time
  34. Try OMAC for a full month
  35. Try one new slow cooker recipe a week
  36. Create a cooking blog, list actual recipes, not just "a little of this, a little of that"
  37. Photobucket
  38. Get my camera fixed
  39. Take at least 5 photos a week
  40. Scrapbook photos digitally
  41. Make my wedding album
  42. Make an album for each year Toby and I have been together
  43. Start my Etsy shop
  44. Create a workspace for my crafts
  45. Make one new item a week to sell on Etsy
  46. Make 4 cards a week
  47. Take making own findings class @ ubead it
  48. Make something new with hand made findings every day after taking class
  49. Be able to digitally scrap a layout and make it a blogger layout
  50. Remind Toby about NaNoBloPo and try my hand at it too
  51. Set up a portfolio
  52. Photobucket
  53. Tell my husband I love him in a new way every day
  54. Go OUT on a date once a week
  55. Blog once a day
  56. Comment on 2 NEW blogs a day
  57. Twitter at least 1 time a day with FLYlady updates
  58. Send one card a week
  59. Call each family member once a week to see how they are doing
  60. Set up Skype
  61. Call Monica and Simon via Skype once a week
  62. Start saving money to go to Europe for Simon and Monicas wedding
  63. Set up a "findings" package exchange with family members (different person each month)
  64. Get to know my brother's significant others
  65. Go to Disneyland with my whole family
  66. Make a phenomenal blog site that links up all my blogs
  67. Buy a domain name
  68. Make a new award every month and give them to my fav bloggers
  69. Give out a green fairy award every week
  70. Keep 101 in 1001 blog updated
  71. Make every moment count, no wasted days!
  72. Photobucket
  73. Workout at least 2 times a week for at least 1 hour
  74. Swim at least 1 time per week
  75. Track exercise in Spark People
  76. Learn to track ovulation
  77. Get back on ADD meds
  78. Find a therapist who specializes in ADD and is covered by my insurance
  79. Find a new doctor
  80. Get allergy panel
  81. Get a physical
  82. Get ADD under control to return to work by Feb
  83. Pick up diagnosis from Dr. R
  84. Once on meds, journal about changes
  85. Once meds start stop drinking caffeine
  86. Take meds daily along with other meds and vitamin
  87. Work on following a healthy eating plan daily
  88. Keep a food diary using Spark People
  89. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  90. Photobucket
  91. Pray everyday
  92. Keep up with Rob's Bible Study
  93. Start HomeBuilders group
  94. Read one spiritual book a month
  95. Dig into the Bible everyday (at least 2 passages)
  96. Complete FamilyLife app and turn in by Jan 1
  97. Pray with Toby about FamilyLife daily
  98. Photobucket
  99. Read at least 1 article in the newspaper every week
  100. Get Photoshop and learn to use it
  101. Try playing raquetball
  102. Read one novel per month that I have never read before
  103. Read one news or informative article every day
  104. Learn enough HTML to make my blog fantastic
  105. Find out what I need for AA
  106. Find out what I need to transfer
  107. Go back to school and take 1 class at a time

Monday, December 22, 2008

Photo Tag

Yaya tagged everyone who read her post, to post a pic of what they are doing right now...

But this is what I should be doing...

If you read this, consider yourself tagged! What are you doing right now?

Not Me Monday

Joining MckMama @ My Charming Kids for a little Not Me Monday fun!

  1. I did NOT eat about an entire batch of Chex Mix by myself yesterday (and continue eating it today)Photobucket
  2. I did NOT almost quit my job on Friday
  3. I did NOT stare at this mess on my floor for a second then burst out laughing and without cleaning it up, continued to cook dinner, carefully avoiding the shards of glass
  4. I did NOT try to blow off hanging out with my mother in law so I could stay at my cousin's house
  5. I did NOT forget the second soprano part in one of our Cantata pieces on Sunday and sing whichever part I liked best at the moment
  6. I did NOT almost stop singing and start rolling on the floor laughing when my overzealous director knocked a recording stand onto a sleeping congregation member's head in the middle of our performance
  7. I did NOT yell at my sweet husband for not putting away my laundry after he had done about 6 loads while we were at my cousin's house (I did NOT wait till he was asleep to apologize to him either)
  8. I did NOT practically sleep walk through saying goodbye to my parents this morning (my mom says I did NOT give her some diaper coupons for my brothers girlfriend and ask her about a bloggy friend's mother before stumbling back to bed)
  9. I am NOT sitting on the edge of my couch because my fat cats are taking up the entire thing and I don't want to disturb them Photobucket
  10. I am NOT blogging when I have 6 million other things to do today

Monday Madness

I didn't follow an agenda over the weekend because my parents were in town, you can read about some of our misadventures this weekend here... But now that they're safely home in LA, it is time to get back to FLYing... This is what I have on the agenda for today:

  • PhotobucketGet up, showered and dressed to shoes (though I sat around in my robe after showering for a good half hour)
  • PhotobucketEat breakfast (half a bagel and cream cheese at 1pm, does that count?)
  • Work on zone 4
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Get something going for dinner
  • Eat lunch (something other than Chex Mix!)
  • Drink my water
  • E-mail Cliff with Sue and Barbara's numbers, emails for Jim and Deanna
  • Work on app for Family life
  • Call Dani
  • Take back anything not used in garland to Michael's and Joanne's,
  • Get one gift box or bag for Nana's gift
  • Return game to Target
  • Return stuff to Costco
  • Encourage toby to call references and work on app (have him email contact names and addys to Cliff)
  • Do dishes and shine sink
  • Wash face and brush teeth
  • Take meds
  • Look at calendar
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow
  • Get to bed before 1am!


We are still working on our FamilyLife Applications and we are having trouble editing them on the computer (they created the document with Microsoft Office and we don't seem to have a working copy on any of our computers, we usually use Open Office, but it gets all jumbled, this has been an issue for a long time...) so we either need to come up with an extra $100 to purchase the program or have a friend lend us their laptop that has a working copy for at least 3 or 4 days... In the meantime we are just working on the longer answers so we can just copy and paste and gathering up the info they ask for... All that said, I don't think we will get them to FamilyLife by Christmas... I had to ask Cliff for a bit of an extention... We now have until the 1st of the year to have them in... And we need to have our refrences in and ready before that so they can start calling...

Traveling Mercies

I also prayed last night (or this morning, whichever) that my parents would have good weather for travelling home today, they left at 6am and just called to say they made it home safely! We will be driving down on Christmas day (I know, what are we thinking) to spend time with family and friends, so we are praying for the same, good weather and a safe fast trip...

It's Been a Busy Weekend!

So here is my disclaimer: I needed to Rant and Ramble a bit, so this is a very long post, but I will get to the good part first - Giving out a Green Fairy Award...

Tonight's award goes to:
Denise K. @ Kofford's in Colorado
for being such strong woman in such a hard time, she inspires me
Jennifer P. @ Peterson's Go Public
for having an awesome blog I could read all night (I think I actually did one night) and for introducing me to SITS!

Now to the long drawn out bit (you have my permission to stop reading here)...
...My parents got into town Friday night (right after my panic attack and my spaghetti sauce catastrophe - in that order) and I made dinner (beef stew with carrots and onions, parboiled then oven roasted french onion potatoes, and roasted garlic bread) since I didn't go to work (because of the panic attack brought on by thinking I was going to get fired because I was running late for work despite EVERY effort to be on time - I'm talking timers and everything!) Then I went to get some (much needed) sectional practice up the road at our accompanist's house (since I didn't make it to rehearsal) before our dress rehearsal the next day...
...Saturday morning was my 64 year old Aunt's Graduation for Sacramento State University (BS in Nursing)... We went to the University and there were no cars around... We called her kids and they told us it was at Arco Arena (about 20 minutes away)... Then my dad made the mistake of asking directionally challenged me how to get there, and we almost ended up in Davis (we were on the causeway)... Got lost at least one more time before we finally made it... We missed all the Pomp and Circumstance but made it in time to see her walk (and hear them mispronounce her name)... Afterwards was a party at her daughter's (up the street from me) which I had to leave early from for dress rehearsal... I was bummed because it was the first time all the siblings (my cousins) had all been together in a long time and I was enjoying talking with them... Ran off to dress rehearsal where we sang as a complete choir (for the first time ever, some one was missing at every performance, and the directors daughter joined us at the last minute because we didn't have a first soprano)... Went home after rehearsing for 3 hours and had my friend Xica over... We hung out with my parents, ate junk food (chips and dip, salami rolls, pigs in a blanket, and cheese and crackers), watched 30 Rock (our new addiction), and my mom and I made Cherry Cream Cheese Tarts (I so should have snapped a pic, they were beautiful) for the between services brunch on Sunday... It was nice to "relax" a little...
...Woke up on Sunday to the smell of Christmas Blend brewing (I never brew coffee at home cuz I do it all day at work, but I pull out my Mr. Coffee every time my parents come and get a fresh bag of whole bean just for them)... I drank tea (cuz coffee makes my voice weird) with honey and rushed to get ready (not so easy to get 4 people showered and ready with one operational shower in one hour, but we managed)... Made it to church in time to see half of the cute children's play (not exactly a pageant) and get some good food before getting up to sing longer and in front of more people than I have sung in front of since my graduation (that was a lot more people, but I was in better "shape" voice wise and had been performing all year)... Needless to say I was sweating a bit... We didn't sound to bad, and we didn't fall apart when the director knocked a digital recorder over off a tall mic stand onto a congregation member's head! People who don't sing are usually fine with the way the choir sounds, but people who know music usually ask for our choir NOT to perform on the Sunday before Christmas because it is usually not so good... It is my job to make the choir bigger for next year (me and my big mouth) and to organize it a little better (we need to start rehearsing now for Easter and right after Easter for next Christmas with how disorganized we are)... After church we went out to this Vietnamese place called Saigon Bay and got Pho and Spring Rolls and awesome fresh squeezed lemonade (made with limes) then we went home and vegged a little and my dad and I made Chex Mix (someone had brought some to church and we couldn't get enough) I have now eaten about 1 Rice Chex box worth of it (that's about 12 cups girls, so much for trying to lose any weight in this season, lol, I figure it's not worth it, I can work my booty off after Christmas)... We went to my cousins again for an hour and grabbed more food (I had one slice of turkey breast and some cauliflower with a little cheese sauce not to be rude) then came back to our apartment cuz my mother in law was coming for coffee... I cleaned up my kitchen after she left, got some advice from my dad on how to recaulk a shower (that is why it is non-op at the moment, because it needs to be dried out before we recaulk) and he also helped me get the coffee grinder working 9it was clogged from last night's grinding for the morning)... Once my parents had hit the hay I went to my bed ready to lay down, drink my tea and catch up on some blogging and I flopped down on a pile of clothes! (Toby never finished folding them and putting them away-we have an agreement about the laundry, while we live in an apartment with no washer dryer in unit, it is his job to lug the sacks and sacks of it up and down the stairs, wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away) HE decided intstead to shove it all on my side so HE could lay down (granted these were all MY clothes, he had put his away nicely) I was infuriated and told him not to talk to me while I got the stuff off the bed... I put it in baskets to deal with tomorrow, but I am stressed about it being in there because my cats think that makes an excellent litter box... I let him go to sleep first because he hasto work tomorrow and I don't, so I am sitting in my spare room (because my parents are in the living room sleeping on the Queen sized sofa bed - the spare room is currently more of a storage room) on Toby's new audio rocker chair (because I don't want to sit on the floor) and finishing this up so I can go rouse Toby enough to make up (only because I hate going to sleep angry with him, it makes for a bad next day for both of us, I just needed some time to stew and get over it)... Tomorrow I will edit in a few pics if I can... Goodnight!

Bloggy Friends Need Prayer Too!

Praying tonight for Denise K. at Kofford's in Colorado going through losing her mom... Praying for comfort and less painful days for her mom Lorraine...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Looky Looky!

Jane @ Jumping In the Jungle gave this awesome award!
I am passing it on to these Twilight Lovers:
Little Loveables - This awesome gal makes beautiful Twilight inspired jewlery
Smile! It's Becky! - Inspired me this year!
Thanks Jane!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I had a bad day

This happened after a whole day of cleaning! I had even mopped my floor!

Update on Snowed In

My brothers and their friends made it safely home from being snowed in in Big Bear, they even brought my mom snow (enough to make a little snowman, she text me a pic that said she had never had a snowman in her front yard before!)

Tomorrow my parents will be driving up here to go to my Aunts RN Graduation and to hang out with us a little, praying for their safety as they drive!

Friday Crisis Cleaning!

  • PhotobucketGet up and dressed to shoes
  • Eat breakfast (does a piece of string cheese count?)
  • PhotobucketFollow crisis cleaning
  • PhotobucketLay out Christmas table stuff
  • Eat lunch
  • PhotobucketFind packing tape and tape up package
  • PhotobucketGet showered and leave for work (though I didn't make it to work, I had a panic attack on the way and called in sick because I could not handle getting fired today)
  • PhotobucketGo to post office
  • PhotobucketCome home and change
  • PhotobucketMake dinner
  • PhotobucketSectional
  • PhotobucketEat dinner
  • PhotobucketHang out with mom and dad
  • Tomorrow: take back anything not used in garland to Michael's and Joanne's, get small tree skirt, get one gift box or bag for nana's gift, return game to target, return stuff to costco
  • PhotobucketDo dishes and shine sink
  • PhotobucketWash face and brush teeth
  • PhotobucketTake meds
  • PhotobucketLook at calendar
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow
  • Get to bed before 1am!

Button Button, Who's Got a Button?

What? I Got An Award???