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Friday, December 5, 2008

More Twilight and...

I just have to say, so that people who have not read the Twilight series understand, that this is not your typical set of Vampire novels. The vampire family in this series is "vegetarian" (for lack of a better term), in other words, they abstain from feasting on humans, and hunt animals instead. There is something to be said, in my opinion, about a person who chooses to go against the grain (no matter how gruesome said grain may be). I am also inspired by Edwards choices regarding his true love, Bella. In this day and age, we are hard pressed to find a romantic novel that is not about sex. In fact, I will not read most romance novels because they are usually just porn for women. They tend to tempt the mind and emotions into thinking that we should have more than we do. There are a few out there, mostly written by Christian authors, that are the exception to the rule, and I have no problem with those, but I won't pick them up myself. *Spoiler alert* In the third and fourth novels, Bella begs to be "turned" (for some unselfish reasons that hide her true reason, to be with Edward for eternity) but Edward refuses to end her human life. He gives her an ultimatum because he knows his family has agreed to do do what she has asked (to protect themselves), he tells her that he will "turn" her himself (because it is what he knows she would prefer) if she agrees to marry him first. He puts her virtue before her desires. I love that. Like I said before, it iis unusual and I really respect Stephanie Meyers for sticking to her beliefs in her writing even if it is not what the status quo (her readers) would necessarily want. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us!

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