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Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Been a Busy Weekend!

So here is my disclaimer: I needed to Rant and Ramble a bit, so this is a very long post, but I will get to the good part first - Giving out a Green Fairy Award...

Tonight's award goes to:
Denise K. @ Kofford's in Colorado
for being such strong woman in such a hard time, she inspires me
Jennifer P. @ Peterson's Go Public
for having an awesome blog I could read all night (I think I actually did one night) and for introducing me to SITS!

Now to the long drawn out bit (you have my permission to stop reading here)...
...My parents got into town Friday night (right after my panic attack and my spaghetti sauce catastrophe - in that order) and I made dinner (beef stew with carrots and onions, parboiled then oven roasted french onion potatoes, and roasted garlic bread) since I didn't go to work (because of the panic attack brought on by thinking I was going to get fired because I was running late for work despite EVERY effort to be on time - I'm talking timers and everything!) Then I went to get some (much needed) sectional practice up the road at our accompanist's house (since I didn't make it to rehearsal) before our dress rehearsal the next day...
...Saturday morning was my 64 year old Aunt's Graduation for Sacramento State University (BS in Nursing)... We went to the University and there were no cars around... We called her kids and they told us it was at Arco Arena (about 20 minutes away)... Then my dad made the mistake of asking directionally challenged me how to get there, and we almost ended up in Davis (we were on the causeway)... Got lost at least one more time before we finally made it... We missed all the Pomp and Circumstance but made it in time to see her walk (and hear them mispronounce her name)... Afterwards was a party at her daughter's (up the street from me) which I had to leave early from for dress rehearsal... I was bummed because it was the first time all the siblings (my cousins) had all been together in a long time and I was enjoying talking with them... Ran off to dress rehearsal where we sang as a complete choir (for the first time ever, some one was missing at every performance, and the directors daughter joined us at the last minute because we didn't have a first soprano)... Went home after rehearsing for 3 hours and had my friend Xica over... We hung out with my parents, ate junk food (chips and dip, salami rolls, pigs in a blanket, and cheese and crackers), watched 30 Rock (our new addiction), and my mom and I made Cherry Cream Cheese Tarts (I so should have snapped a pic, they were beautiful) for the between services brunch on Sunday... It was nice to "relax" a little...
...Woke up on Sunday to the smell of Christmas Blend brewing (I never brew coffee at home cuz I do it all day at work, but I pull out my Mr. Coffee every time my parents come and get a fresh bag of whole bean just for them)... I drank tea (cuz coffee makes my voice weird) with honey and rushed to get ready (not so easy to get 4 people showered and ready with one operational shower in one hour, but we managed)... Made it to church in time to see half of the cute children's play (not exactly a pageant) and get some good food before getting up to sing longer and in front of more people than I have sung in front of since my graduation (that was a lot more people, but I was in better "shape" voice wise and had been performing all year)... Needless to say I was sweating a bit... We didn't sound to bad, and we didn't fall apart when the director knocked a digital recorder over off a tall mic stand onto a congregation member's head! People who don't sing are usually fine with the way the choir sounds, but people who know music usually ask for our choir NOT to perform on the Sunday before Christmas because it is usually not so good... It is my job to make the choir bigger for next year (me and my big mouth) and to organize it a little better (we need to start rehearsing now for Easter and right after Easter for next Christmas with how disorganized we are)... After church we went out to this Vietnamese place called Saigon Bay and got Pho and Spring Rolls and awesome fresh squeezed lemonade (made with limes) then we went home and vegged a little and my dad and I made Chex Mix (someone had brought some to church and we couldn't get enough) I have now eaten about 1 Rice Chex box worth of it (that's about 12 cups girls, so much for trying to lose any weight in this season, lol, I figure it's not worth it, I can work my booty off after Christmas)... We went to my cousins again for an hour and grabbed more food (I had one slice of turkey breast and some cauliflower with a little cheese sauce not to be rude) then came back to our apartment cuz my mother in law was coming for coffee... I cleaned up my kitchen after she left, got some advice from my dad on how to recaulk a shower (that is why it is non-op at the moment, because it needs to be dried out before we recaulk) and he also helped me get the coffee grinder working 9it was clogged from last night's grinding for the morning)... Once my parents had hit the hay I went to my bed ready to lay down, drink my tea and catch up on some blogging and I flopped down on a pile of clothes! (Toby never finished folding them and putting them away-we have an agreement about the laundry, while we live in an apartment with no washer dryer in unit, it is his job to lug the sacks and sacks of it up and down the stairs, wash it, dry it, fold it, and put it away) HE decided intstead to shove it all on my side so HE could lay down (granted these were all MY clothes, he had put his away nicely) I was infuriated and told him not to talk to me while I got the stuff off the bed... I put it in baskets to deal with tomorrow, but I am stressed about it being in there because my cats think that makes an excellent litter box... I let him go to sleep first because he hasto work tomorrow and I don't, so I am sitting in my spare room (because my parents are in the living room sleeping on the Queen sized sofa bed - the spare room is currently more of a storage room) on Toby's new audio rocker chair (because I don't want to sit on the floor) and finishing this up so I can go rouse Toby enough to make up (only because I hate going to sleep angry with him, it makes for a bad next day for both of us, I just needed some time to stew and get over it)... Tomorrow I will edit in a few pics if I can... Goodnight!

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Noah's Mommy said...

wow it has been a weekend....I bet you all sounded great....and I hope this week is a little less hectic...though I really think it never is...but still....we can hope right?

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