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Saturday, December 27, 2008

#57 Skype & #6 Clearence Shopping

Got Skype set up on my lappy the other day, it was pretty easy since I have a web cam and mic built in... I have yet to get Monica's number to call them, but I will when I get back to Sac... Also, yesterday I hit the Mervyn's 80% off clearence and bought 2 shirts for summer and 2 long sleeve shirts as well as a pair of jeans that were much needed (my favorite jeans have a huge hole worn in the thigh), and I got 2 - 3/4 sleeve shirts from Old Navy ($5 each)... I am thinking about buying my swim suit on Target online ($3) and saving it for summer... I scored all my Christmas ornaments for next year at Target for 50% off (and I used gift cards - thanks Kelly and Simon!) Next year I am doing a really bright whimsical tree I even got a new wreath and topper for my tree :)

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