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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Worst Christmas Gift Ever?

Lorna over at CoconutNoodleMonkey is having at Worst Christmas Gift Contest and since I could use that $20 gift card to Target, I'm gonna enter it... I don't want to say something was the Worst gift ever, but my least favorite gift was a Harold and Kumar poster I received in a Secret Santa at Azusa Pacific University. The worst part was, I didn't have much money, so I put in something of my own, that I liked, that was probably pretty expensive (I will not incriminate myself by saying what this gift was though). The poster, needless to say, never made it up onto my walls, but for some reason it stayed in the trunk of my Civic until I sold the car... 3 years later. My brother in law found it when we were cleaning out the trunk and asked about it, and I just laughed and said he could hav it or toss it, I didn't care. A Harold and Kumar Poster was my worst Christmas gift, I guess I haven't done so bad, huh? But do I get points for making a fancy photo? :)

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JANE said...

Oh that is really bad.........LOL!!

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