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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I started putting together my list of references for FamilyLife today and calling people to tell them what this is all about and asking them if they would be willing to be a reference for me (I need 7 and Toby needs 7) So I want to pray for them by name:

  • Pastor Jim (who will be a reference for both Toby and I)
  • Karen (who has been my roommate and co-worker at the same time)
  • Deanna (my friend and mentor, who is married to someone as ADD as me, her husband will likely be one of Toby's references)
  • Philip or Barbra (whoever has the time, they have both known me for a long time and served on an Inner City Camp team with me, and they are both missionaries now, but both are on furlough raising support at the moment in the states)
  • Dani or Grace (both have known me for a good amount of time and I have lived with both of them)
  • Liz (my mom's good friend who has known me my whole life)
  • Sue or Steve (Grace's parents, who took me in as a surrogate daughter when I moved to Sacramento, away from my family and friends; Toby may be asking Steve to be a reference for him)

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