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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Made My Own Award, Is That Weird?


I like awards, and I wanted to give another one out (since I had such fun with the one I got from Noah's Mommy) but the problem is I'd have to get one to give one... and, it seemed when I was deciding on who to give the last award to, a lot of people had it already (it was a popular one)... So I made one of my own from free stock photos!

I am going to try to give one out one every week... Because I like them... Maybe I will make a new one every month... Would that inflate the blog award and make it worth less? I don't think it would... If you like the awards I make and want to give one out, let me know and I will make a button for it and put it in my blog cellar :)

This award is first going to
  • Faith because she was the first person I know in real life to read my blog
  • Lorna because she was my first bloggy friend
  • Noah's Mommy for giving me my first award and inspiring me
  • Shannon for being the first "professional mom blog designer" that I ever stumbled across (I didn't even know that it was a possibility to pay someone to do all the hard work for you)
There will be many more of these to come (since I figured out what I was doing yay!)

1 wishes granted:

Noah's Mommy said...

Wow....thank you so much....and I'm so excited now there is a brand new award going to be passed around in the blogosphere....Thank you thank you...especially for all your kind words....they mean a lot...

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