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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nester I am not...

Okay, here it is, the finished Twilight Garland!
This garland was inspired by Becky's Twilight Christmas Tree...It is not as fluffy as some of y'alls but I am working on limited resources here
(and the weak mantle can't hold much more than this, what were they thinking pushing a mantle all the way to the wall???)... Sorry for the lousy pics, once again, my real camera's dead, it has been for about 4 months now...

It has elements representing each of the four book covers:

An Apple
from the first book, Twilight

A Delicate White Flower
from the 2nd book, New Moon
(this one needs some red in it to look more like the cover)

A Red Ribbon
from the 3rd book, Eclipse

And the pièce de résistance
A Chessboard
from the 4th book Breaking Dawn
(and that is Toby's begrudged contribution to the decorations)

Just for fun, I added a couple of forks
because the books take place in Forks, WA
I also put some snowy wire garland on it because in one of the books they get stuck in the snow (and it adds some sparkle) and I also stuck some red feathers in little bunches on it (aren't you proud of me Nester?) I tried to make it not look objectionable, but all the picks and add ins looked real... real fake! to me (sorry for the corny joke there... I was having a father's daughter moment)

And not at all related to books, but another little inspired touch, some mini rusted barn stars peeping out of one of the pre-assembled picks
(I totally bought it because of that... the rest of it looked kind of objectionable, but I really don't think anyone but me will notice)...

And one more thing
My Peacock tree
(it is much more subdued compared to last year, trust me)
It is a running battle/joke between my sweet hubby and myself that started last year when I wanted to do a classy peacock inspired tree, he said no way no how and so my friend borrowed this mini tree I had from the previous year (yes, that was my only tree the year before I got married, sad, huh?) and covered it with peacocks and the most outrageous ornaments she could find (which were all FAR to large for the little tree) and put it up in my entryway for Toby to be mortified by anytime someone came over... It stayed up till mid January last year :)

7 wishes granted:

Noah's Mommy said...

See I REALLy need to get on the Twilight band wagon...I am so missing out on something....and I really like the Peacock tree...well I love Peacocks...and see there will always be a story behind it....

Lorna said...

Your mantle looks fabulous. We don't have fireplaces here in Arizona. Even though there are times (like now) that it is cold enough that a fire would be nice, most of the time it is illegal to burn wood because of the poor air quality, so builders don't waste their time putting them in. So we have no mantle. No place to hang stockings or decorate with pretty garland.

I'm glad you liked my wreath. The only reason I got it finished was because I refused to do anything else until it was done. Just the time it took the glitter to dry was nerve wracking because I was affraid I was going to lose interest and not finish. I had to re-glitter several sections because I impatiently picked it up to do the other side before it was dry. Consequently it has about 10 pounds of glitter on it, LOL. Of course now I'm inspired to do something else crafty which I'm going to go buy the materials for today after work. If all goes well I will have something new to post about tonight.

Little Lovables said...

Awe, now I REALLY like that!! Where is the sparkly heart?!!

The peacock tree is gorgeous!

JANE said...

Girl you are gonna LOVE what I left you on my blog tonight!!

Tabitha Blue said...

OOOOOOOO, I totally love that Twilight garland!!!! What fun, mixing two great things together.. Twilight and Christmas!!!!!! It looks great!!! You did a wonderful job!!!!!!



Queenie Jeannie said...

Huge Twilight fan over here too! I think you did a FABULOUS job!!!

Yaya said...

That's awesome!

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