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Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Crisis Cleaning!

  • PhotobucketGet up and dressed to shoes
  • Eat breakfast (does a piece of string cheese count?)
  • PhotobucketFollow crisis cleaning
  • PhotobucketLay out Christmas table stuff
  • Eat lunch
  • PhotobucketFind packing tape and tape up package
  • PhotobucketGet showered and leave for work (though I didn't make it to work, I had a panic attack on the way and called in sick because I could not handle getting fired today)
  • PhotobucketGo to post office
  • PhotobucketCome home and change
  • PhotobucketMake dinner
  • PhotobucketSectional
  • PhotobucketEat dinner
  • PhotobucketHang out with mom and dad
  • Tomorrow: take back anything not used in garland to Michael's and Joanne's, get small tree skirt, get one gift box or bag for nana's gift, return game to target, return stuff to costco
  • PhotobucketDo dishes and shine sink
  • PhotobucketWash face and brush teeth
  • PhotobucketTake meds
  • PhotobucketLook at calendar
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow
  • Get to bed before 1am!

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