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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lazy Dayz in LA...

I tried to leave my lappy at home, but I. Just. Couldn't. Right now I am watching Toby play Mario Party with Amy (my brother's girlfriend) while her baby Bailey naps (oh, she just woke up and she is all smiles)... We have been having a blast with them (and her little boy Conner who is at his Nana's house at the moment)... They came to my Aunt and Uncle's house on Christmas and Conner hung out with Michaela (my little cousin, who is use to being the only baby around) and they got on famously! Yesterday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Bailey's First Birthday! It was fun, I haven't been there in ages... Today we are having a lazy day (we are all in our PJ's still) eating cloud pancakes and playing Wii (WiiFit is so much fun)... We are having a blast! Hope your Christmas week is just as fun! Oh yeah, my dad fixed my camera (it is a point and shoot but WAY better than my phone for sure) so the pics are a bit better... Me and my pops are going to go pawn shopping for a nicer one (that has changeable lenses) that will make me happy, and I have a Visa gift card to buy it with, even better! (I will edit in photo's in a bit)...


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