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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun Mail and Coke in the Crockpot?

Those two topics are unrelated but I figured I'd write about them in the same post... Sorry for my poor camera phone photos... I need to get a phone with a better camera... Like a Blackberry Storm... Hotness... Anywho... Don't you love it when you get good stuff in the mail, rather than just run of the mill junk? This week I got some good stuff (we don't check our box everyday like we should)...


In this weeks collection I received:
  • a handmade Christmas card from my soon-to-be Sister-in-law who lives in Scotland
  • a P&G brand sampler (samples of Tide, Prilosec, & Pantene Pro-V Shampoo)
  • an envie (envelope) of Q's (coupons) from my GG (Grocery Game) Q Train
  • some beautiful handmade buttons I bought from this Etsy shop, Buttered Parsnips
I have an affinity for cooking with less than traditional products... Our favorite crockpot chicken recipe has apricot preserves, french dressing and lipton onion soup mix in it... That's not what I made tonight... Tonight I made what is known in my family as Coke Roast...
Pretty simple actually, you put a roast in the crockpot, season with salt, pepper, season salt and garlic powder (the basic 4 in my house, found in most of my family's recipes),
toss in some veg (tonight it was potatoes and onions)
and pour in a can of Coca Cola Classic... Seriously...
It comes out looking like this and tasting perfect... Not sickly sweet or anything... In fact, not really sweet at all... Just good...
As my dear ol' Dad likes to say, "Try it, you'll like it!"

One or two more Notes of Randomness:
  • If you're working on collecting Q's for GG and you are having trouble, try swinging by your local Starbucks after closing on Sunday... When they close up they put out their leftover newspapers to be collected by the delivery guy who takes them back to be recycled... I picked up 3 extras tonight at 1 location!
  • I got my first Christmas gift of the season yesterday, a new sofa! My MIL, Teresa bought it for us an it is so comfy! It also has a queen size sleeper in it! Isn't it pretty? It's from Pottery Barn, but she got it for a steal (like 75% off of what it should have cost new)... We are going to have the slip covers dyed a chocolate brown though, so my cat's fur doesn't show up on it as bad. It is impossible to keep them off of it! We have been using this very small, uncomfortable futon from Ikea that I have had since before we got married... It had broken slats in it too, so it was pretty lousy to sleep on... My parents will sleep much better now when they come to visit!

2 wishes granted:

Megan said...

Wow, lotsa randomness to comment on! lol

I've had coke roast before. It's yummy! It's been a LONG time since I made it. May have to do that again sometime soon.

Awesome couch and awesome MIL!! Enjoy!!

I love getting fun mail! Brightens my day. And we don't get our mail every day either. I make my hubby get it, especially in the fall/winter when I don't want to walk out to the street in the dark. heehee

Faith Alterton said...

Beautiful couch! Pottery Barn makes such nice stuff. One thought about the dying though, do you know if it's got cotton stitching? Cause if the stitching is synthetic it may not take the dye and you'd end up with a brown couch with white stitching. Which could be kind of retro and cute too, but just a thought. (I tried it with a rug a while back and learned the hard way.) :)

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