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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tree Inspiration and Most Comments EVER!

Thanks to SITSmas, I got the most comments I have ever had on my last post! Thanks gals! I don't know if I won anything, but it doesn't really matter because I found some wonderful new blogs to read and got some new readers! I love it! Through this, I also found inspiration for my Christmas tree this year, Twilight, from Smile! It's Becky! Mine will be a mini version because I only have room for a 2 ft. tree in my apartment, but it will be beautiful! Last year, I wanted to do a peacock themed tree but Toby wouldn't let me... This year I am not asking... Just doing :D... He's going to say I'm obsessed! Not that he doesn't already know that, I read all 4 books last week without stopping, but I still NEED to see the movie! (Cash flow is still a little low, but I will scrounge some to go see it)... Now I just have to get to cleaning the living room so we can go get our tree!

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