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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Extra Special Christmas Wish List

These gifts are hard to put on a regular list so I am going to list them here in case Santa (or my Mom or my Hubby) needs some hints, these ideas are good for my b-day too *smile*:

  1. A Designer Blog Header from
  2. This class at U Bead It
  3. My own XBox Live Account
  4. A Deep Freezer (or gift card to somewhere I can get a deep freezer, I would like an Energy Star one...)
  5. The first 2 Twilight Books, Twilight and New Moon, Hardcover with Original Covers (ie: not movie edition please) or a Gift Card to Barns & Nobel or Target to get them...
  6. Exercise Clothes (Shorts, Shirt, Yoga Pants, Jacket, Speedo Bathing Suit, Goggles), Gym Bag, and Shoes (or Gift Cards to get them - Sport Chalet, Target) to use at the gym
  7. This purse (psst - you can get it at Ross) and Matching Wallet
  8. Any of the Post Secret Books (Post Secret, A Lifetime of Secrets, The Secret Lives of Men and Women, My Secret) by Frank Warren
  9. The Seafarers Expansion to Settlers of Catan (and 5-6 player expansion for it, this site has a special if you buy them together)
  10. Magazine Subscriptions to Real Simple, All You, or ADDitude

1 wishes granted:

Josie said...

Thank-you for commenting my blogs. Yes, I did stumble upon your blog from entering 'World of Warcraft'.
Oh cool, shamans are awesome. I have an orc rogue, orc warlock and undead priest. I haven't been playing lately because my computer doesn't have enough free space to hold WotLK. I already bought the expansion and everything.

Anyway, your blog is awesome!
I want an xbox live account also!

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