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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I have been contemplating getting a small tattoo on the inside of my right ankle... This is the art that inspired me... It was the image we used on our bulletin for our church launch last October... It reminds me that my relationship with Toby has deep roots that kept us in the ground through the storm and that by putting God first and working together in our church is what got us through it... I don't want it exactly like this... I want the tree to look a little more bonsai-ish and I am thinking about having my maiden name in kanji incorporated into either the roots or the branches of the tree... Maybe... And either get a waterfall (because my last name is a derivative of the Japanese word for waterfall) as the background or save that for something else if I am ever brave enough to get another... I may not get a background... I have never found anything I wanted to have on me permanently until I found this... And I am going to wait awhile before getting it to make sure it is really what I want... Not sure how long to wait though, three months? Six? A year?

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