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Monday, March 3, 2008

Bento Club!!!

Pinkie and I are going to buy Bento supplies very soon and start a Bento club! Inspirations found here, updates to come soon!


Happy Girl's Day everyone! Today is Japanese Girl's Day which is traditionally celebrated with decorating ceremonial dolls, hina-Ningyo and having a doll festival.
Me and Pinkie, my Hapa chicka, are celebrating by going out for sushi with some other girlfriends tonight. I would really like to buy a doll, but there are not many stores in the nearby area that would have them, neither are they in my price range. Instead I will reflect on our family doll, the only thing that we still have after the war. I don't know the whole story behind her, but I know that Great Grandma has had her in her house as long as my dad could remember. When Great Grandma passed, my father obtained her. She is dressed in beautiful garments and in a glass box. I spent hours as a little girl longing to take her out of her glass cage, but since Dad had asked me not to, I left her in and gazed through at every detail, many of which escape me now. I can't wait to have a look at her when I go visit home in two weeks.

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