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Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Agenda for Today...

  • PhotobucketMake bed
  • PhotobucketGet showered and dressed to shoes
  • PhotobucketClean guest bathroom sink and put out Christmas bathroom stuff (Zone 3)
  • PhotobucketMake dinner
  • PhotobucketEat lunch
  • Photobucket5 minute room rescue - Guest bedroom desk (took me 15 actually, getting it completely cleaned off and ready to be moved on Thursday, see below for pic)
  • PhotobucketEmpty Dishwasher
  • PhotobucketGo to the Gym for 1 hour
  • Clean off coffee table (Hot Spot)
  • Clean off Kitchen counter (Hot Spot)
  • Put away food from Costco on dinning table (Hot Spot)
  • PhotobucketPick up Christmas tree
  • PhotobucketDecorate Christmas tree (has lights and some bulbs up, I need to finish with some other decorations)
  • Work on 101 on 1001 list
  • Do dishes and shine sink
  • PhotobucketWash face and brush teeth
  • PhotobucketTake meds
  • PhotobucketLook at calendar
  • Choose clothes for tomorrow (they're in the washer cuz I forgot to reboot before the laundry room doors got locked)
  • Get to bed before 1am!
5 minute room rescue - got the desk ready to go back to Nana's and be replaced with my Christmas gift from Nana, a 5 cu. ft. deep freezer!

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