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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was going to clean and work on my garland, but I got burned
putting these bad boys in the oven
I was being lazy and didn't want to cook dinner, so I had hubby pick them up... I guess that's some kind of kharma? Maybe?
Toby is going to take the day off tomorrow to help me get this place in order... My arm really hurts (the burn is worse then it looks, all grey and wrinkly and stuff, the oven was 400 degrees)... It's going to make a bad scar... I am blogging and watching SeaQuestDSV on the XBox via NetFlix... It's a blast from the past for me, we used to watch it every Sunday night when my Uncle Craig would come over... I was head over heeels for Jonathan Brandis, who I just found out died in 2003, sad...

5 wishes granted:

Jeanne said...

Ouch! I try to keep an aloe plant around, since I'm so clumsy in the kitchen.

Came over from Mamarazzi's place, following her suggestion to visit the commenter immediately ahead of you (did that make any sense?). Anyway, loved your list of favorite books!

Yaya said...

I get burned ALL THE TIME!

I really need to get another aloe plant!

Jan Ross said...

1. Are those TATER TOTS? Wow, when you commented that you wanted some, you meant it! Sorry about the burn.

2. We LOVE our Netflix through the XBox. It is super cool and so easy. I just wish they offered more things that way. I think they will eventually have everything online and do away with the mailings.

3. We liked Seaquest too! Isn't it GREAT to be able to get whole TV series and watch them with no commercials??

Tova Darling said...

Ouch! Sorry about your burn!!

Also, SeaQuest was fantastic!!

Megan said...

OUCH!!! You poor thing! I hope your arm feels better soon. Burns are the. worst.

OMGOSH!! I LOVED Jonathan Brandis! Loved. Him. I fell in love with him after watching Lady Bugs. Remember that movie? heehee

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