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Monday, December 15, 2008

I Need Garland Help!


So this is my skinny, pathetic, objectionable garland... I'm trying to be a P.O.O.P.I.E. here... I need inspiration... Anyone have any suggestions?


I got my tree up, lit and got a few bulbs on it, but it needs more... much more... what should I do to fill out that sparse top? I have seen someone create a scene on that layer, what do ya'll think? I was hoping to make it Twilight themed, but I don't know if I have the $ to pick up the stuff for it...


Also, I had to move these off the mantle and they just look so pretty on my dresser (the view as you look down the hall) that I had to show and tell :)

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Megan said...

I got some silver "garland" at Target and my mom wrapped / weaved it in and then we hung the garland in the entry way. I think it looks nice. Or you could string some lights in it and do it that way. =)

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...

Below you in roll call...also a norcal girl! well...are you ready for this on the garland thing? first of course, visit me and see what I have done and then visit this awesome lady who hosted a garland party...oodles and oodles of ideas! Good luck!


Rockin' Rufus said...

add a few guitar picks or maybe a nice knotted leather braclelet.

-Rufus Humphrey
believe it

Denise K. said...

Hi there!

Now that you have your base garland, I think you could go outside and find treasures from the yard...pine cones, fresh greens from shrubs, etc...Fill in with the fresh stuff and then weave some big ribbon in and out of the garland tucking it in here and there, etc...Do you have extra bulbs from the tree? You can tuck those in too and before you know it your garland will be full and lush! :-)

How ironic that you grew up in Whittier too! I went to "North Whittier School" where my mom taught 3rd grade, but I heard it isn't called that anymore...they changed the name!

Have a good week and Merry Christmas!

Valerie said...

I use to have garland in my old house on my mantel. I always loved lights and bows on it. Sorry no ideas on the tree except for decorative garland?

The Nester said...

Hi hon!

I totally agree with Denise--add anything you love into that garland--and lights too--you can weave two or 8 garlands together to make them all full!

And, I think your tree top is kind of cute how it is--if I changed anything I would just add about 4 more boxes of lights--there's no such thing as too many lights and they are soo inexpensive!

Yaya said...

It looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas! ;)

Go to dollar store-buy lots of stuff-bring home and put in home.

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