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Monday, November 1, 2010

Is It Voting Time Again???

This is a rant... Just a forewarning... I kinda hijacked my friend Kari's status update on FB...

Kari: voting time!

Me: Ugh do I have too? I am going to but I am sooo not excited about it...

Kari: Be excited about it girl! Our feminist forebears fought for the right for our vote to count:
Also, vote for Jerry Brown and piss your husband off. :)

#1 I know... that is why I vote even though I hate it
#2 why would that piss Toby off? He thinks Whitman is creepy
#3 can't we just have a Utopian society where every one is equal and perfect? Oh wait I am asking for heaven aren't I? Not sure I am ready for that yet lol...

Kari: oh I'm just going off something Toby said to me recently about being annoyed by liberals and that is awesome that you're voting even though you don't like it! Why don't you like it?

Me: I hate all the mud slinging... it makes me anti politics... to me, the only good thing about election day is the end to all the negativity... lets face it, all politicians are people, they all make mistakes, do I have to hear about all of them for three months straight?

Me: Also... because they are all people, they are all going to disappoint me in some way or another so why should I care who makes it in? Ugh I sound so much like my dad... I know my vote does count and that is why I use it but in the end I feel like it doesn't because I do not really care for any of the nominees. I always feel like i am choosing the lesser of two evils. Can't I just write in Jesus for every office?

Me: Toby is really only annoyed by the liberals in his family because they are always trying to tell us to vote the way they do... he doesn't like anyone telling him how to live his life...

Me: OMG just asked him if he is voting and if he has even looked at his sample ballot and he said "yeah my Nana gave me one" it was already filled out for him!!! he will not be voting that way!


3 wishes granted:

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

hahaha, love this. I feel the SAME way.

Emma's Lunch said...

Thanks for stopping by & following :) I'm following you back

Forevermelody said...

I didn't vote and I'm proud of it. Next time my city council person is up for election I'll be at the polls, but otherwise I just don't see the point...

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