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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Heart Shopping (On and For Etsy)

I went a little shop happy at Michael's clearance yesterday! I spent about $150 but got ALL THIS! (Okay I had some of that ribbon already, and a few of the flowers too).

I reorganized my craft closet a bit to fit in a good amount of my overflow. I got rid of about a box full of SU catalogs and forms (since I don't think I will be restarting that business). You can see pics of the before stash here. It looks much prettier now :).

I am fully determined to get my Etsy shop up and running before Christmas this year! (I know I have said that many times, but this time I have a plan!) Any good shop name ideas incorporating my nickname?

I plan on carrying some pretty jewelry, hand stamped notecards and greeting cards, custom capes and tutu's (like this one - too bad she couldn't stop twirling long enough for me to get a good shot), custom diapercakes, notecards, hairclips, burpcloths and bibs, and maybe some felt toys once I come up with some patterns of my own.

I also plan on selling some crafting supplies I make with my Sizzex Bigshot and my Xyron.

Ooo and I just got a great idea from Penelope's Oasis for something I might be able to make. I really want to use what I have to make a little spending cash.

I bought a couple of shoe clips on the creative seed's Etsy to make these gorgeous pieces tuted by Mrs.Priss (I love the posey ones at the end of the post!)

How have you other Etsy mom-prenuars fared lately? Do you find that having a varied inventory is good or is it better to stick with one type of inventory? I have so much stuff and I feel like I need to use it all!


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