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Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, our dreams of owning a house have been put on hold for now, like 4 years on hold. Toby's grandparents and parents hated the house, even after it got a great insperction review and after our friend Steve told them it was a good first buy for us, so they backed out. I understand some of their reasons, but I do not understand the barbaric way in which they went about it. I will have trouble trusting them in the future, but I guess it is a lesson learned.

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Faith Alterton said...

I'm so sorry it fell through Alena! I had a hard time liking my apartment too. (And I am SOOOO ready for walls I can paint!) Hang in there. It's disappointing, but hang in there.



LenaLoo said...

Thanks Faith, I am just hoping for some patience in the process... We thought everything was ready to go, but I guess it was not God's timing for us... We are looking at renting a house now, but only if Josh and Kelly rent it with us (we are both looking at saving some money right now)... Pray for us while we look :)

KP said...

ooh i like that song.

sorry about the house, that must be really dissapointing/frustrating. i'm sure you'll find something else, and it will be perfect!

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