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Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have a new button on my blog that looks like this:

SITS has such a cool concept, you should go check out what they are all about!
Since there isn't any type of prompt today, I will borrow another from Jennifer P. over at The Peterson's Go Public...
Edit: Okay, the prompt wasn't behaving itself, it was showing things that I haven't done so I am deleting it so I don't get in any more trouble with mi Mama (sorry mom) - Censorship! j/k But check out Jennifer P.'s it's funny...

2 wishes granted:

Mom To Six said...

How cool what you've done!! I did this a few posts back. It was fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

From one addict to another...


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I don't know how you found me via SITS, but I'm so glad you did! Not many of us from Sacramento that I'm aware of. (If you know more, please point me to them!!!)

My GAWD that's a long list. That list could be fun or make you feel like you haven't lived and then go run out and do stuff. Actually, that would be a good thing too!

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