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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Interesting Birthday

Sorry for the absence, Motherhood takes some getting used to, I wrote all about Cohen's grand entrance here in his blog... ::FOREWARNING:: This will be a Rant post, I really need to get it out and get over it... Yesterday I celebrated my first birthday as a Mama, and it was interesting to say the least... I just got back from a second whirlwind trip to LA (after only being home for 3 days from our 2 week long stay down there) on Monday night and Toby is going back to work today, so we were trying to get a bunch of stuff done (a lot of which should have been done while I was gone for the weekend, but we won't go there lol) before meeting up with an unspecified number of friends for dinner at our favorite Sushi place at 7... I had a plan laid out so we would be gradually heading downtown instead of jumping all over the place: lunch, get Toby shoes, get Toby's hair cut while I went to get cheesecake for the party, get my hair cut, Coffee with Becky, Change clothes and do makeup, then dinner... In the process, I killed my car battery while waiting for Toby to get new shoes, had to get a jump from friends that live nearby (thanks "Guy Squad" Tim and Stewart), found out my mother in law had done the same thing to her Civic and had to pick her up and take her to get her van (that I had borrowed for my trip and was covered in kid goo and cheese-its from the toddler that was traveling with us), took Toby back in the direction we came from to get his hair cut, realized I forgot my clothes and makeup that I was going to change into at the apartment, went back, realized when I got upstairs that I didn't have my key because Toby's friend had it to check on our cats while we were gone, waited for him to bring it because there was no one in the office (lugged the car seat with my 12 lb. kid in it over there to check, which I am not used to yet, Toby has almost always done it these past two months while I have been "in repair," yes, I heal that slowly) while Cohen melted down because the car had stopped and he wanted out of his car seat, had him watch the kiddo in the car while I ran up to grab my stuff, realized my make up was not there because I left it in the van, left and realized I still forgot something (and had to lug the car seat up the stairs with me to grab it), drove over to get Toby, went to get a Cheesecake and planned to feed the boy in the car while Toby went in to get it, realized I forgot my "hooter-hider" and had a mini meltdown because the day had been so bad already, fed the kid, headed over to get my hair cut and the place was closed, had another meltdown because I was going to look like a bush woman at my party and made Toby swear not to let anyone take pictures of me, tried to give up on any expectations of the day and went to Temple Coffee to meet our pastor and a couple of other friends who happened to be there, went to Becky's to change clothes, went to the restaurant a half hour early (and everyone else got there almost a half hour late), nearly "took-the-cake" literally in my heels while carrying my stupidly expensive cheesecake, and then had another mini meltdown while trying to feed Cohen under a blanket in a hot dining room with a bunch of random people looking at me like was crazy (btw, first time I had ever seen Japanese people actually eating there, since it is California style sushi)... I half wanted to just whip out the boob and say "screw you guys, I'm feeding my child" but Toby asked if I could used the private tatami room since no one was in there at the time... But once everyone got there and I got some food in me, things started to look up... I had a good time (even though our fav sushi chef did not come by like he said he was going to because it was his night off, he left a cake for me) and as usual we ended up half taking over the small dining room (16 people ended up coming when I had only reserved for 8)... Good thing we are some of their best (and favorite) customers :-P they put up with us because we have been going since it opened we bring them a lot of business with our crazy, last minute parties (Toby's b-day there were close to 30 of us)... When I got home I tore into my presents like a little kid on Christmas (after feeding Cohen of course, why didn't anyone tell me that all they do at this age is eat, sleep, and poop???)... I checked my voicemail as I was heading for bed and had a message from Becky and my other friends that were at the coffee shop as well as the other 20 people who were there at the time singing Happy Birthday to me :)... I also heard from all of my siblings and my parents (I don't know why I thought they would have forgotten, I just had no expectations of the day I guess)... It made my day much better, thanks guys... Anyway, I decided that I won't let one hard day get me down... I am starting my first day as a full-time Mommy today and I am going to need positive energy, so send some my way! :)

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