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Monday, October 25, 2010

Looks like I will be regularly posting at "Dreaming of an Orange Christmas" throughout the holiday season (they gave me my own blog!) so I will link back here for every post so ya'll can stop by and read :).

In other news, we are dressing up as superheroes this Halloween so we can trick or treat grown up style for canned food to refill a food bank nearby (River City Food Bank in Midtown) that burned down last week. I am going to be Hapa Girl (Part Asian, 100% Awesome!), Toby is going to be Hyperbole Man (the absolute greatest since...FOREVER!), Becky will be Pastor Girl, and Clint (if he chooses to dress up) is going to be Sarcasmo. Cohen is going to be a Super Panda (but in our crew we call him Mr. Cohen - picture him in a pin stripe suit little mustache and fedora - and he is our boss). We got a little carried away one day on a trip to San Fran with Becky and decided we had to dress up as our comic book superheroes this year. This is my costume.


I need to make the cape (we all have silver, but mine will have a red circle with a big H in the middle to look like a Japanese flag).


There is a "utility belt that you might not be able to see too well, but it is a fanny pack from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line (that I had to fight with multiple people to get to keep, cuz they think it is hideous) it is Red with light blue accents and has White Kitten faces on it. Every once in a while, I feel the need for an excuse to wear a fanny pack, okay?!? :) When I got it, my excuse was Relay for Life (when you are walking on a track all night it isn't very convenient to carry a purse, and I like to keep my phone and my money on my person, and no, my gym pants didn't have pockets).

Anyway, please check out my post on the Orange Christmas website and browse around too! It is a great cause!


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