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Saturday, May 6, 2006


It's very hard for me to be up here away from my family and friends... Especially when I see that their lives are still full even without me... It makes me feel so very empty... I have so many pipe dreams in my head that I lose track of reality... I can't even go onto myspace without crying... When will my life feel full again? When I'm married? When I finally meet some people that can put up with me and have time to hang out? I miss my roomie Dani like a crazy person... By the way things sound, she's planning a wedding too, for May '07... Hope you'll still have time for mine my Dano... I feel so silly and insignificant right now, but why? I should be happy, but there's this big chunk missing from inside... I hope I figure it out soon because I'm pretty miserable right now...

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