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Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Okay, the ball that I thought had compleatly stopped is now on the roll again... We are finally going to book our place on Wednesday! My parents came up on Saturday and we went rafting on Sunday down the American River... Nice and relaxing... After a "future in-law" BBQ we decided to meet with the owner of the Croation American Cultural Center (no, neither of us are in the least bit Croation)... Since all of the Saturdays for the entirety of next summer are already booked, we decided there was nothing stopping us from having the wedding in July... We are going for July 15 or 22 (both Sundays) in the evening... Should be nice... I'm all excited again! Went and bought 2 more magazines that I've been wanting for a while... I have my place, my officiant, a good portion of my guest list written and approved by mom, my bridesmaids dresses roughly picked out, and a cake design, even the menu is roughly decided on... My cousin is getting married in November and his fiance was surprised at how much I've decided and planned already... I'm an impulsive type of person and tend to lean towards my first impulse... The Croation Center is the only place I looked at, but I love it and I know it will be beautiful...

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