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Monday, July 17, 2006

Katie, Cake, and Carmel Apple Pops...

Today was awesome... I hung out with one of my bridesmaids, Katie, who is quickly becoming one of my closest friends, this morning. We went out for lunch and chitchat. She's so great (I know you're probably reading this, but I don't care :-P), one of those friends who always knows what to say and remembers/thinks of things that are perfect for the moment. When we were eating, we were talking about when we first met (planning Toby's birthday party). She came with me on a whim to pick up supplies at WalMart with Mark and Adam Healton (LoL). We found out that we have tons of random stuff in common! Anyways, while we were shopping, I insisted on buying a big bag of Carmel Apple Lollipops and told her about when Toby and I first met. He was 14 and I was 16(ish) when we met at Quaker Meadow camp. He developed a little crush on me over the course of the week and on the second to last day we were there he bought me a whole box of Carmel Apple Pops (which were one of my favorites) to "share with the girls" (including my maid of honor, Grace). To date one of the sweetest thing ever done for me :). Katie remembered this little story today while we were having lunch and said that we should have Carmel Apple Pops on all of the tables and that Grace could share this story in her toast (with which we'll raise the Pops to instead of champange - dry wedding and all). Now how perfectly cute is that?!? I would have never thought to do something like that in a million years! We also went to Ettore's bakery to try a slice of Green Marzipan covered Princess Torte (by far the best cake I've ever tasted) and to get a business card to schedule a cake tasting. I told her I'm giving Toby most of the reigns on cake flavor (I've already picked the design) but we decided that even if he doesn't pick Princess Torte for the wedding cake (or even go with Ettore's - muy expensivo) we'll order the Green Marzipan round for the bridal shower (It's a perfect polka dot!). Mmmm... cake...

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