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Friday, June 13, 2008

He's There, The Phantom of the Opera

Just a quick post tonight... Went to see Phantom with two of my best gals and their guys... It was amazing! Loved the Phantom, Christine was okay, Meg could have been better, but who am I to judge, they put on a fantastic show! Went to dinner before and to dessert at this fab little dinner that only serves desserts... So much fun, I only wish all of our friends had gone, I felt bad talking about it when other people who hadn't responded to me quick enough when we were buying tickets were around... I loved every minute of tonight (well, except for the part where the girls had to take off the heels and run 6 blocks in 4 minutes to make curtain)... All in all a fantastic night...

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KP said...

hi! sorry if this is random but i was looking around on blogger and saw your blog :) i love phantom! that's awesome that you got to see it!


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