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Monday, June 23, 2008

Househunting, Babybunting, Workwanting...

Mr. Loo and I have begun house hunting in the past couple of months... We have been outbid on 3 or 4 houses... I guess it is because we have not yet been preapproved... We are in the process, but I am missing some W-2's from '06 when I did not file taxes because I didn't make enough to bother... I have to find them in my massive amounts of paperwork unceremoniously "stored" (read: dumped) in boxes on my porch... I think my organizer needs to come pay me a visit... We have 2 bids in, on on a house with a dinky pool that needs refinishing, and one that is a house away from my best gal pal, Grace (I have given up on code names... They are dumb)... Speaking of which... Grace just spilled the news... She and her hubby of 10 months are expecting their first little one! They got married less then a month after we did and decided to start trying about a month after we did... and yet, they beat us to the punch... Lol... Not that it is any big competition (okay, yes it is... Mr.Loo and Grace's hubby compeate over everything, and so do Grace and I...) But we are so happy for them! Just gives us a reason to try somemore ;)... I also decided to apply for a second job since my first does not offer many hours (about 10 a week scheduled and opportunity for more with call in shifts where we have to basically assume we are scheduled unless the store has not made enough revenue for the day to afford us)... So I will be working with Grace but in a different department... I think I start sometime this week but I don't know if they have scheduled me yet... I have been getting migraines a lot more often, so I am not sure how this is going to work, but we shall see... I've decided to make this blog public esq since I haven't written anything too terrible in it... At present no one knows much about it... I like it when I know the people at least know about it and can read it if they want to...

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