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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Somethings Missing...

On Thursday I had a bad day... A really bad day... I was supposed to be planning and packing for 2 weeks away from home, one week visiting the fam in SoCal with Mr.Loo (who finally has more than 3 consecutive days off to go down) and the next week at the camp my brother is working at (where Mr. Loo and I actually met) as a high school camp counselor... I got up way too late, started washing dishes (the pile had completely overtaken my kitchen), managed to break both of my favorite crystal toasting glasses that Mr. Loo and I had used on our 1 year anniversary (which was on the 15th), could not find the broom to save my life, blocked off the kitchen so the cats could not get in, and left the apartment in a frustrated upheaval... I went to Ross to get a pair of jeans and some other colder weather clothing for camp, found a few good deals, but got talked out of them by my hubby who conveniently called on his lunchbreak to tell me we just have enough extra cash for the gas to get down and to eat so not to buy anything until he gets paid by direct deposit on Thursday... Bah... Then I headed to Target (ignoring the warning I got)... I have this habit at Target which is almost therapeutic, I go in without grabbing a basket (because I am "just looking"), hit the dollar section, go back and grab a hand basket, fill it up in said section, then proceed with a far too heavy hand basket through the rest of the store just so I can have the pleasure of carrying my "wants" around with me, when I finally get to what I need (that day it was a small gift for my little cousin who I would be seeing before payday and toothbrush covers for traveling), I realize that I do not have enough room in my basket and go put my "wants" back (but on those days when I have no willpower, I just go get a bigger basket), this time I only ended up with what I could've carried in my two hands in the first place... I was starting to feel nauseous and I thought it was because it was hot, I had a migraine coming on and because I hadn't eaten anything that day... I went to my fav little cafe and had half sandwich half salad and lactose free, lowfat, oreo fro-yo (a guilty pleasure that won't kill me)... I ate most of it but I couldn't finish my fro-yo... I went home and felt so dizzy that I just plopped down on the bean bag chair of death (the one thing that I hate that the hubby refuses to part with - it spends most of it's life taking up half of his closet but when my parents came up for the 4th of July he pulled it out because there was no place else for him to sit, the problem with that thing is that once it comes out it is almost impossible for me to get him to put it away) and passed out... Mr. Loo came home from work at 6pm all jazzed to go see The Dark Knight (he and his best friend are obsessed, and that is being poliet) but I did not feel like going right at that moment (his buddy had been there since 4pm for a midnight showing) so I stayed home while he went to "moviegate" (you get the picture)... When he called at quarter to 10 I told him I didn't know if I was up to going and he sounded like someone had just shot his dog in front of him... So being a good supportive wife, I musterd up the last ounces of my strength and drove to the theater... I slouched in the theater seats watching Heath Leadger's final big screen performance, grimicing as the person next to me jumped at every bang and tried not to puke by covering my head during handheld camera scenes... At one point I felt so sick and bloated that I covered myself with a jacket and unbuttoned my jeans... By the end of the film I thought I was going to explode, Mr. Loo was so into the movie that he didn't notice how much pain I was in... I wouldn't let him stay to see if there were any post movie trailers (another fav pastime of theirs) and rushed out of the theater into the bathroom, but I couldn't go... I came out crying and Mr. Loo asked me to rate my pain from 1 to 10 (his mom is a nnurse, it is common vocab in his family) I told him it was an 8 and he said that was to high and took me to the ER... I hate hospitals, really, I hate them... But something has to be said for our timing... I did not have to wait too long before they took me back and gave me some pain meds (the IV hurt as much as my stomach pain)... The nurse started running down a list of questions and had me take a pregnancy test, which filled my mind with possible problems (endoscopic or fallopian pregnancy, bladder problems, ovaries malfunctioning) but nowhere on that list was anything about my appendix... I have never taken anatomy and no one in my family has had an appendectomy (that I can think of) so I had no basis of knowledge on the subject (that and I would not let Mr. Loo call his mom who had just gotten off shift and left the hospital, and I didn't want to get her all worked up when we didn't know what was wrong yet)... The nurse was nice, and checked on me a lot, I was drugged though so I couldn't tell how long I was waiting... The doctor finally came and Mr. Loo realized it was the doctor who misdiagnosed a raging throat infection that he had had three years prior (he did not tell me until later thankfully) the doc ordered tests (bloodwork, X-Rays, CAT scans) and would have misdiagnosed me as just being "blocked up" if he hadn't had a radiologist read the CAT scan, my appendix was swollen around my bowel and everything was stuck inside my stomach... I waited in the ER for an OR to open up... 11 hours later I was taken up to the OR wing (where I laid in the hallway on the gurney for another 45 mins) luckily the OR is right next to where my mom-in-law works (in the recovery room) and they let her come up with me to keep me company... I had to pee (cuz they were loading me up with fluids and antibiotics) and so she wheeled me into the recovery room bathroom... How a family member got away with all that I have no idea, I guess I am just lucky lol... I don't even remember what happened next because I think they put me out in the hallway... I woke up (after a delusion of being trapped by the Kazon Nisstrem - man have I ever become a hard core nerd) in the recovery room with mom-in-law reminding me to breathe and all her nurse friends checking on me... They wheeled me to the building my father in law was in just last week and a bunch of people came to visit me... I was surprised they let eveyone in... I was sad when they booted them out though, I didn't want to be there alone... My roommate was this funny lil lady that reminded me of my Great Aunt Rae because of her spark and spirit... She said the lady who had been in the room the previous two days had snored and kept the TV on even when she was sleeping... I guess mom-in-law had turned off the TV when I was taken in because I remember Sponge Bob being there and then he was gone... The lady (whose name I later found was Berneice) was kinda sassy and told the nurse I didn't need my light on... The guy was like "well that's her choice, isn't it?" I told him it was fine and I could use the rest... All night I had to keep bugging the nurses to unstrap me from my leg massaging things at the end of my bed so I could use the restroom... In the morning I was up at 6am and so was Bernice... I had a nice long talk with her and told her it was our job to tell the nurses if we needed something... She had purposfully pulled out her IV line during the night because it was making her have to go so often... So I made it my duty to talk her into letting them put one back in so she could go home asap... She was so spunky and funny once she had some sleep... We even got a nurse to bring her some coffee (contraband in the wing we were in apparently)... I coundn't believe that she was 91 years old! I made sure to do everything the nurses told me to do so I could go home... I walked 4 times before the doctor came to see me and they had moved me up to eating saltines so I was eating "solids"... I was not hungry, but I ate 3/4 of my french toast and ate most of the apple sauce for breakfast... They let me go home about 10 am... Berniece was bummed when I left but I think her doctor was coming to see her soon... We drove home, but my tummy still felt bloated... I decided to avoid the stairs to my apartment and had Mr. Loo take me to his Nana's house instead... It took me like 20 hours to poop! Once I did though I felt much much better... I spent the rest of the day there and finally came back to our apartment... I need some patience though because the apartment is too small for me to walk around it... Hopefully we can still go to SoCal tomorrow (doctor said I can travel, but said no to camp)... I am really bummed about not being there for the girls or getting to see my brother, but it could have happened while I was there, I guess I better just count my blessings...

Edit: Also found I am allergic to Vicoden... Fun...

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