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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holodeck I

So my dear nerdy hubby has gotten me into watching Star Trek: Voyager - mind you, this is something I have fought against tooth and nail since high school, it's a new low, right down there with playing the WoW TCG, even WoW itself... But since I have been assimilated into the Nerd Collective, I have begun to accept and even embrace this intricate world of Sci-Fi/Fantasy... When I was coming out of anesteseia after my appendectomy I imagined I was being held captive by the Kazon and being innterogated, but really it was just the recovery room nurses in their brown scrubs and my mother-in-law (an off duty nurse from that same ward) telling me to breathe every couple of seconds... Just now as I lay restless in bed next to my ailing hubby (migraine) I began to imagine what kinds of Holodeck programs I would enjoy if I were stuck on Voyager... I concluded that along with a great resort program (Maui maybe?) I would love to have HoloMusicals! Les Miserables, Phantom, Moulin Rouge (okay I know it's a movie, but it has music and it is my all time fav), Across the Universe, Jekyll and Hyde... My list could go on and on... I mean really, why haven't we come up with something like that, where someone could be the star of their own virtual musical or movie??? Of course there would be the issue of copywrites and such in the here and now, but in the future? Who knows? Okay nerd rant over...

2 wishes granted:

Faith Alterton said...

Hey Alena! Guess what we just watched last night? Old Star Treks. The beauty of Netflix ... ALL the old seasons are right there waiting. :) I'm in the same boat. Started watching with Nate, but have to admit they're growing on me. If only the aliens weren't all so ugly looking ...! :)

LenaLoo said...

Lol... I haven't watched any other series besides Voyager (pardon my poor English, but it is late and I am too tired to fix it)... We are coming to the end though and I think I would like to watch another, What is the one you like the most? We did watch First Contact and some of the characters from Enterprise have made their way into 6th season of Voyager, so that may be next :)

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