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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grocery Game

SO I have never been into clipping coupons, I always seem to forget them if I do. But this website could change all that... The Grocery Game seems to take all the guess work out of coupon shopping... All I have to do is print the color coded lists for my stores and cut a few coupons out of the paper (the list even tells you what circular they are in)... I am going to try this out during my 4 week for $1 trial and update on how it goes... There are people on the forums for the site saving more that 66% on a bad week! I can do this to help save a little cash while I hunt for a job I think... If you link to the site and decide to give it a try, please enter my e-mail so I get my "free trial" extended :) it is my first and last name (no spaces or hyphens) @ gmail dot com... Thanks!

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