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Saturday, January 3, 2009

#19 Nest Wherever I Am

Inspired by Nester, FLYlady and many of you other great home organization/decoration bloggers out there, I finally started to make the most of the apartment I live in right now... We have lived here for 1.5 years and have not tried to really make our home our own until now...

Yesterday, we went to IKEA

We got a lot of cool stuff, but Toby says he secretly just went for the food...

Today, Toby and two of "the boys" put together this fabulous new crafting desk
Toby will use it to write/draw, and I will use it for all my crafts, but we agreed not to let it be cluttered (it tilts up like a drafting desk, so that may help)...

In the time those three boys put together one desk, I put together this coat rack,

this shelving unit (the gray one next to my freezer, the boys put up the white shelves after they finished the desk)

this bookshelf (to the right of my table)

4 dvd racks, and most of a filing cabinet (I did distract them quite often though, asking them questions and asking for help holding something together)... Plus I rearranged at least 4 pieces of furniture (and took everything off of that Black wire unit, which I have to organize tomorrow...

I am finally getting a place for everything so I can put everything in its place! I am excited!

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* said...

Wow! You got a head start on the New Year! Good for you. Now if I could only get motivated...stopping by from Sits.

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