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Friday, January 16, 2009


Today is deemed a Grumpy Friday... I tried really hard not to be since I leave tomorrow for LA and my free Disney birthday, but my hubby did not make it easy... He played video games all day while I was out helping my friend update her baby shower registry... So now I have to wait for the laundry to be done before I can pack... He also ate ALL the bacon that I was going to use in a recipe for dinner tonight and now I don't know how to make it without it... It was just a side dish, but still... It made me lose my cool and I started crying... What is wrong with me??? I just want today to be over and tomorrow to start... I think I am extra angsty because I know that I will be celebrating my birthday without Toby AGAIN (last year he was sick in bed the whole day)! Maybe getting this off my chest will help me get over it...


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LenaLoo said...

Testing testing 123

Anonymous said...

you are super grumpy...lovoo


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