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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pregnancy, Parties, and Etsy...

Well, I'm back from LA and I had a good time. Mom's 50th B-Day Hawaiian Luau was a hit and I learned a lot about organization! Spent half the day at Disneyland trying not to puke by hanging out in the air conditioned Innoventions building (found a really comfy leather chair and snoozed for a bit)... I also learned way more than I thought I would about toddlers! I guess it was good practice, but they were not easy when I am as tired as I am... Tomorrow marks the first day of my second trimester... It seems to be going by really fast... I still can't eat a whole lot without running to the bathroom and it makes me think that I am going to have a girl... "The Book" says that a lot of women pregnant with a baby boy eat like a teenage boy... Definately not having that problem... I can barely keep down two or three snack size meals a day, if I try to eat more or eat fast, I gt sick real quick... I have no energy and I have no regulation of my body temp... I am either freezing or burning up all the time... I guess I didn't think those things through too well before I started trying :)... But I know that it will all be worth it in the end...

On a random note: I think I decided that I would like to start the leg work of building a party planning business while I am pregnant (since I don't think there is much else I can do right now)... I'm talking the networking part (because we know people don't exactly have the cash right now to hire someone to throw a party for them)... I also might start throwing some party packages together to sell on Etsy; like coordinating invites, thank you cards, favors, and decorations... I did just buy a truckload of Stampin' Up stuff and I don't know how much money I will make JUST selling the products... I should use it to sell some handmade items too... What do you all think? How is the Mom-prenuar industry right now? Are ya'll making any money on your Etsy sites?

I did find one person that I am going to try to network with today... I think her name is Mandy and she makes some FANTASTIC cakes... Check out this Twilight cake... I think I'm in love ::swoon::

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Megan said...

I guess it's been awhile since I visited since I didn't know you are pg. Congrats! =)

Good luck with the business. Sounds like a great idea!

Noah's Mommy said...

yeah...I remember those days...but strangely enough I actually kind of miss the morning sickness....Congrats on making it to the second Trimester....you'll start feeling better soon...and I think you should totally go for it...it takes some work...and how much you put in...is how much you'll get back...it's worth a shot at least....

JANE said...

Sometimes "The Book" lies!! With the 3 boys I was sick from week 3 until around 17 wks. Never gained weight until 7th month. With the girl, not sick one day!!
Happy Mother's Day Lenaloo!!

Synergy Girl said...

Hi there! Okay, I don't want to rain on your parade if you are wanting a girl...but I was SOO SICK with my boys too!! And I have three of them!! AHH!! Okay, so that cake is...just...awesome...!! I want one for my birthday!! As far as the party planning...go for it!!

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