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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Off Again!

I am heading to LA again for the second time this month! It seems like I just got home! I got the opportunity to ride down with my friend Ashley and her sister Dani for our friend's engagement party this Saturday and I am going to stay the week to help my brother with the kids so he can go to some GED study sessions (pray for him guys, he really needs to get this off his shoulders), and then my dear Mama is turning the big Five-Oh this month as well (sorry Mom, had to sell you down the river here) and we are having a Hawaiian themed picnic to celebrate on Sunday, May 3rd. Since it is a little difficult to orchestrate all the details of a party from 800 miles away, I am lucky to be able to go a week early. My hubby is going to come down for a Dodger game (hopefully he can get that Saturday off), the party, and to collect me and bring me back home... My mom wants ALL her kids there, and I didn't book a flight home, so at this point, the boy's got no choice but to come get me :) - sneaky sneaky, I know... So if you don't hear from me, it's because my poor lappy is still humpty dumpty status because Toby can't figure out what he did wrong and my parents computer is slower than molasses... I'd be better off blogging from my iPod touch... Have a good week people!

2 wishes granted:

JANE said...

Have an awesome time!! And take care!!

April said...

Have a fun and safe trip...ENJOY!

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