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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Been Busy

The fam came up to visit this weekend and we crammed 8 people into my 2 bed 2 bath (well 1.5 bath when they got here, thanks dad for re-caulking the back tub) apartment like the Mexicans we are! We ate (a lot) and swam everyday and just had a good time! Thanks for making the trek guys, I know it wasn't easy for (or with) the kiddos! I also got to spend time with the extended fam and see my new little cousin Charlotte (I see playdates in our future Ana) and some friends who now live out of town (thanks for a fun night Marky and Julie)! I have been a bit of a busy bee :) I like it that way... keeps me out of trouble hee hee... I will post some pics when I get them from my mom (so maybe now lol)...


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