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Monday, July 27, 2009

Diapers Part Deux

So I have been doing a little research and I am thinking about hiring a diaper service, at least while we live in this apartment with no washer/dryer in unit... I think we will still use some disposables (the biodegradable kind) for when we are out and about and at church (no nursery worker wants to deal with clothies)... The service starts at about $19 a week and about $30 to start for the diaper hamper and diaper covers (less than a Diaper Genie)... and that is if we exclusively use clothies... I have to figure out if that is reasonable... The numbers show that disposables cost just a little bit more than using a diaper service... But $40 savings per year is better than no savings... And I won't have 6500 disposables sitting in a landfill for 500 years weighing on my conscience... I still have to talk to Faith and find out how many I might need per week if I am using some bio-disposables...

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