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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hive

Went to visit our new Sunday meeting space today and it is so awesome! It's really hip and the owner (?) Brandon was really cool about Cohen coming in with Becky and I... There was a news crew there interviewing people about co-working and we took "hip" pictures for the Midtown website :). I am really excited for the chance to go in with Becky during the week. I am going to start working on generating some funds for Midtown. I am taking up a challenge to get our tithe matched through some sponsors... Since the community we are reaching out to is filled with artists, students, and a lot of other people who tend not to make much money, the incoming tithe is pretty meager... Becky and I spoke about starting a Community Etsy to rasie some funds, which I really like the idea of since the thought of starting an Etsy and supplying it only with items I make is daunting. I did volunteer to take on the responsibility of managing it and shipping stuff... Hopefully that will start soon :) Exciting stuff!

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