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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Venturing Out

I have been trying, and to my surprise, enjoying a lot of foods I was never able to eat or never liked pre-pregnancy... I have been able to eat stuff with jalapenos, bell peppers, coconut, etc... Last night we went out for Indian food and it was great! My favorite was the chicken masala... I tried and liked everything! They only ordered medium heat, but I was able to handle it and probably would have been able to take a little hotter...

Cohen and I hung out in Midtown this week, had lunch with Becky and talked about potential non-profit opportunities and possibly getting an office at the Hive... Then we hung out with Kari and ended up in Roseville :), found some cute clothes for the boy since he is growing too fast for me to keep him covered lol...

We also decided to take Cohen with us to the Drive In Theater this week (since he won't take a bottle, we can't leave him with a sitter or his Grandma)... He slept most of the time and we were able to control the volume in our car so it wouldn't freak him out... We saw Alice In Wonderland and it was awesome! I would totally go see it again!

I am having a good time being a mobile mom... Co and I get a little bummed out when we are stuck indoors all day... He seems happy to go on adventures with me so we will keep going this way till it gets too hard...


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Lesley said...

Glad he is being such a good sidekick....It is so strange how after kids your taste buds change....I totally love things like mushrooms...that I hated before!

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