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Saturday, February 2, 2008

ADD is me

Hey, I'm LenaLoo... I am not entirely new to blogging, I have had off and on blogs since around 2002 on different sites, but I am hoping to stick with this one for a bit... I am a newly-wed, and it is amazing... but interesting... I like to cook, but more than that I like to read, watch and think about all things food... I am a Food Network junkie (fav shows are Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef, Good Eats, Dinner: Impossible, DD&D - Guy's Show, Next Food Network Star when it's on, Unwrapped, any of Rachel Ray's shows, but I will watch ANYTHING if it is on FN) and I am a member of Something Awful's Goons With Spoons forum and I LOVE lurking and occasionally posting when I have something good enough to show and tell or have a question... I love film and theater and music of all kinds... A few fave movies: Moulin Rouge, Sleeping Beauty (any Disney animated feature really, but SB is my girl), The Hours, De-Lovely, Spanglish, The Terminal, 10 Things I Hate About You (RIP Heath), Batman movies (I have my faves, but I won't go there yet), Center Stage (almost any cheezy music, dance, theater, or cheer movie is at least watchable to me and many are in my collection), Finding Neverland (anything about Peter Pan, fairies, fantasy), and way to many more to list my entire DVD collection; some more recent in theater recently favs: August Rush, Enchanted, Juno, Atonement... Fave plays/musicals: Secret Garden (Lily Simon version), Oedipus Tyrannous, Antigone, Midsummer Nights Dream, 12th Night, Hamlet, Othello, Wicked (I know the music by heart, but I have not seen it on stage yet - Spring Break in LA I have birthday tickets from mom), RENT (again, still have not had the pleasure of seeing it live, but I have the OBC recording down pact and I quite enjoyed the movie), Jekyll and Hyde, R&H's Cinderella, The Glass Menagerie, Raisin in the Sun, and so many more... A few music faves: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Vanessa Carlton, Colbie Callet, Aerosmith, Queen, Uncle Cracker, Smashmouth, KT Tunstall, Rebecca St. James, Mat Kearney, Pat Monahan, Train, Steven Curtis Chapman, Shawn McDonald, PAX 217 and a whole lot more... We have two little black kitties, they are named after Kingdom Hearts characters (which I know were Final Fantesy characters first), Riku ("Boy Cat") and Kyrie ("Girl Cat") and I love them to death... My husband, we shall call him "Mr. Loo", is an avid gamer, anime enthusiast, and a sci-fi lover, so I occasionally dabble in such things (I play WoW with him, for example, I like Bleachu, and I just started watching Voyager with him, because otherwise I would be sitting alone on the computer while he watches it with our friend every Sunday night, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I like it)... I am also kind of a TV junkie - I will watch just about anything if it is on at the time, but my favorites and guilty plesures (besides FN shows) are: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Little People Big World, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Gossip Girl (my newest craze - I have a season pass from iTunes and I watch them on my iPod Touch) The OC (on DVD and reruns on Soap Network), the occasional season of Buffy (but only with the former roomie, I'll call her CareBear, because she hates it!), Sopranos (sometimes, usually when I am at the grand in-laws; I will call them The Nana and The Papa; they are Mr.Loo's grandparents, but we are very close and I don't have any living grandparents, so there should be no confusion), the odd Desperate Housewives (I watch the first couple of seasons and fizzled, but from what I have seen of this season I want to catch up) and LOST (have only watched Seasons 1 and half of 2, but I think I will get caught up eventually)... I am also a bit of a recovering shopaholic (I am not kidding, I should be following a 12 step program!), a recovering anorectic (once one, always one, but I try extremely hard to verge away from that, or even usually talking about it unless I am having a tough time with it like I am kind of now), a recovering insomniac (not doing so good on that one either, I have not yet gone to bed), and sufferer of ADD (diagnosed, but trying to cope with the label when it has been my life)... I have had many different jobs, never quite lasting even a year (I get bored and quit after about 3 months with many of them), my most recent was as a sales rep for T-Mobile corporate in a kiosk in a very haughty mall (I quit in the middle of January after a stressful holiday season, , I was one month short of my one year mark, the longest job I have ever held)... At the moment, since I am between jobs, I am taking a full time set of classes at my local JC, in my last semester before transfer (I am at my 5th college in 6 year - since 2002) to a State University, I am studying to become a teacher (please don't judge my teaching merits based on my rambling, ranting, raving blog) and this semester I have some really great classes: Concert Choir, The Communication Experience, Structure of English, Tutoring Elementry Students in Reading, and Argumentative Writing - I am having a blast in all of them... I will probably got back to my previous part time job at Bath and Body works which is in a plaza that is very close to my apartment and when the say part time they mean like 5-10 hours a week if you are lucky (ironically I quit that job because I could not get enoughhours, and I quit T-mobile because I had too many)... I have 4 great gal pals that I hang out with when I need girl time (Mr.Loo and I can be homebodies much of the time) all 4 of them were in my wedding, along with my younger cousin (I will call her "Rosie" if I talk about her) and my former University roomie (I shall call her "Bunny," I met her in 2004 when I did one year at a private Christian University that I left after 1 year beacause I decided to move 800 miles North to the city Mr.Loo live in because we wanted to date, but did not want to do the long distance thing - it was a wise decision, but I miss home, we may be going back to my home area when I transfer in the Fall) wow - ADD moment, sorry, going back to my 4 gal pals there is "CareBear" (who I lived with for almost a year before I got married and also worked with at B&BW where she still works), "LooFree" (like Loofreebush from Miss Congeniality - one of her "favorite" movies, I lived with her and her family the first 3 or 4 months after moving up north, she is more like my sistafriend then a roomie, she was my Maid of Honor), "Pinkie" (my shopping and partying buddy, we have a saying "No TMI between Pinkie and I" we spill our guts to each other and are super BRUTELEY honest with each other, and she has intro'd me to her whole cirlce of friends who are so my kind of people, so I hang out with her a lot when I want to see all of them), and last but certainly not least "Chinchie" (as in Chinchilla, I know super weird, but that is what I have called her since she was a freshman in High School when I was a Senior; she moved up North like a month before I did and now she actually even lives in my apartment complex, we are old pals and good drinking buddies :P, even when we haven't talked or hung out in days, months, even years in one case, we can pick up where we left off like hardly any time has passed)... My blog title came from two things, Moulin Rouge and "Stalking the Green Fairy and Other Fantastic Adventures in Food and Drink" by James Villas... I have not yet found the elusive fae vert (absinthe), but when I do finally, I will be all over it... I am a love her or hate her kind of girl... So choose, and then don't complain about what I write or the way I write... please... I am not going to categorize my blog into any one thing, but my posts will usually have something to do with one of the things I have mentioned here in this first post... This is my vent spot, my food spot, my need to talk to people outside of my core circle spot, so feel free to respond and link, I would love to see what other people (especially those who can stand to read what I write) have to say about things in their own spots... Happy reading and happy writing!

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