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Monday, February 11, 2008

Social Networking at its lamest...

I originally liked the concept of MySpace, then it got overrun with adds, so I switched to facebook, and now that is overrun by stupid apps. I don't like that my husbands ex-girlfriend can contact me on MySpace even when I have not made her a friend. I do however like that she can see all of our beautiful wedding pics. Not gonna lie. I just don't like that no one takes the time to call or write real e-mails anymore. If you are not plugged into these sites, you end up missing out on important events because people don't want to spend a little bit of time printing and sending a mailed invitation to an event like a baby shower or bridal shower. But in order to get to these e-invites (and they aren't even delivered to e-mail!) I have to sift through a load of crap to get to them. I think it's stupid and I won't ever use that function myself. I do like that I can take a quick peek into my younger cousins lives (since they enjoy broadcasting them into the internet) and make sure they are not getting into too much trouble (not that I would rat them out, but I would give them a talking to if they were). I think things like sending real invitations and such has become a bit of a lost art and it makes me sad. I say this as my wedding Thank You notes piled up in my spare room make me wish that those were a lost art so I didn't have to write them. Not that I am not thankful, but there are just so many to write and my spaz husband got so excited taking money and gift cards out of the cards he didn't bother to write down who gave us what so I could include that in my note. I am tired an grouchy from a weekend of feeling under the weather and I have a bunch of homework to do for all my classes tomorrow, so I had better be off.

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rebellion_lies said...

too true, my friend. i think that people have forgotten that i exist outside of the internet. and i HATE all those apps on facebook these days!! i actually tried to get rid of my account once, when the semester started up, because it's so distracting when i'm trying to write papers and such...but i got sucked back in. and they make it so easy. stupid facebook!

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