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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy Crazy Crazy

So after a drama filled weekend involving the military police, the local Sheriff's and a .45 colt, Chinchie and her boyfriend, the Schwartz, are temporarily living in my apartment. He is really the one who needs a place to stay, but since she is my pal, I have no prob letting her stay too. At the moment, since he is still in the job hunting process, he is paying us in free weight training (we have to get a gym membership before it can really get down to business). That is why I call him the Schwartz. It's fun having more people here, but we are trying to keep it from my mother in-law because we know she would really not approve. I have them in the living room, but hopefully I will be able to clear enough room for them in the second bedroom which is currently piled with loads of stuff that we need to sort through and our cat box (stinky pew). That is my project for the week. Pray for us!

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