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Monday, August 3, 2009

Finding My Inner Pretty...

Note: This is a ramble I added in a Post Script of an e-mail to my friend Becky, so if some stuff seems like inside jokes, it might be, but I am to tired to realize it and I apologize... I just thought it was too funny to not blog about it, and since I had already written it, and since I am LAZY, I copied and pasted lol...

Background: I came home from church and fellowship tonight inspired to keep creating (our new church used art as a form of worship and I LOVE it) to add to the piece we were making this evening (it is called "hope... for a tree cut down" and it is part of our commitment to consume less and create more as a community, it is the word hope cut from old cardboard boxes decorated with "trash" or stuff people didn't want anymore and recyclables) and I was digging through a box of old magazines and papers that have been sitting in the closet on my porch for TWO YEARS when I found a purse I used to love and there was something in it... A makeup bag with over $200 worth of Bare Minerals makeup that I had thought I lost TWO YEARS ago almost to the day... Now mineral makeup does not go off because it is just powder and you use brushes in it that can be cleaned, so none of it is bad... I have since spent about $150 rebuilding my collection, and gotten some as gifts, but I have not been using makeup much at all lately... So here is a picture of what I found (this does not include all the other stuff I have though, that is 3 more bags worth) and the ramble I sent to Becky...


I realized something kinda cool about myself while I was looking at it all... I used to NEED that stuff to make me feel pretty, like I seriously thought that and used it to justify spending whole paychecks on the stuff... But I don't anymore... I have found my inner beauty in Christ! I'm not saying that there aren't days that I don't look in the mirror and say "Girl, you need to do something with that bird's nest on your head and put on some makeup cuz you look tore up" (I totally thought that tonight before church but I was running late already, and yes, my inner monologue sometimes involves ebonics) but those days are farther and fewer between than they ever have been! Praise God! I also realized that even though I am pretty disgusted with how materialistic I used to be, I have grown from it, and rather than toss out all this makeup I may not use very often anymore (don't judge me if I do this week though, it is pretty and sparkly, and I have it already lol) I can maybe use it to bless some people... I seriously now have enough makeup and professional brushes to be a semi pro makeup artist... And I have two good sized wedding parties under my belt already (one of which I was a bridesmaid in lol)... There are a lot of gals out there who can't afford a whole lot for a makeup pro to come out, so if you hear a need, let me know...

If you are in Sacramento area and need your makeup done for something, let me know... I am totally comfortable bartering services for goods (home grown veggies, art, hand made baby stuff, hand made jewelry, etc), in fact, unless you want a color that I don't have, I probably would only accept bartering as payment :) I have mostly Browns, Pearly base colors, Purples, and Green/Blues and a few pinks for eyeshadow and I use Medium Beige foundation but I have access to lighter colors because my friends are two different shades of pale (lol), and I have two sets of Medium foundation as well...I also have a ton and a half blushes and bronzers that would work for most colors and a ton of different lip colors, most never used or only used with a clean brush... and EVERYTHING except the lip stuff is Bare Minerals brand makeup... I insist on a trial run at least a couple days in advance though because I am not a professional, I just have a bit of experience, and I tried to do the last wedding without doing one and let me tell you I nearly had a panic attack trying to get the bride, five other bridesmaids of differing hues and myself all done in time for pictures... So send me an email, or leave me a comment with your email if you are interested :)


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Lora said...

How fun! If only I lived closer :)

I've found myself not needing a whole lot of stuff on my face to feel pretty these days either...how liberating!

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