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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facebooks Redeeming Qualities

A long, long time ago, I posted this little Rant about how online social networking has become overrun with junk... And while I still feel some resentment about the vast amount of crap that Facebook and Myspace contain, I will admit that I could not see past the junk to the potential that Facebook still has... Today, thanks to my friend Xica, I discovered Notes (yes I know they have been a function of Facebook for a long time)... I also realized I could import my existing blogs to Facebook Notes! My only Complaint is that I can't only feed one blog at a time into Facebook, but I figured out a workaround for that... Any blogs you have already imported will remain in Facebook, so you just have to stop importing one, and import another instead... It is as simple as copying and pasting your URL... I love it because now my friends who are on Facebook can see that I have a blog that I keep (semi) updated and can read if they like! Yay! Now if I could only get my (almost) sis-in-law to come over from the MySpace darkside to Facebook all would be well :)

2 wishes granted:

Yaya said...

There is so much to facebook I don't know! Notes??

Noah's Mommy said...

good to know...I'm still a facebook newbie....but I'm learning...thanks so much for the tip....

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